3 Ways To Enjoy Summer’s Last Gasp

With summer on the way, folks living in cities above the 49th parallel are bracing for the harsh onset of winter. While it’s reasonable to start shifting gears as the cold weather descends on northern cities like Chicago, Boston, and Toronto, it’s important to remember that autumn can actually be one of the most enjoyable seasons of the year – especially if the gods of weather graciously extend the summer heat.

For highly sensitive individuals, summer can actually be a bit of shock, with the intense heat and constant noise of street parades and outdoor concerts. Many people go on vacation and mix up their routine in the summer, which means that weekly schedules can be thrown into chaos until autumn restores order to the lives of North Americans. For this reason, some folks actually prefer fall to summer, since the weather is still temperate and you can fall – no pun intended – into a reliable routine. For each person who thrives on the wild energy of summer, there is an introvert just waiting for the relative calm that comes with orange leaves and pumpkin spice lattés.

Even for those summer lovers, however, just because we’ve entered autumn doesn’t mean that your social life needs to bite the dust. If it’s after labor day, stash your whites in the closet, but don’t put away your party shoes just yet. There are many, many ways that you can stay social and get out and enjoy your spare time in the fall. In this post, we’ll provide four awesome ways to occupy your nights and weekends before old man winter begins his assault.

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1. Dance Yourself Clean

If you and your friends like to have a few drinks, going out dancing is a fantastic way to sweat of those extra calories while imbibing. While big, glamorous clubs can seem appealing from a distance, they’re typically tough on your wallet and often play terrible electronic music and generic top 40 pop. If you live in a big city, you should be able to seek out great Latin music, hip-hop DJs, deep house, funk and retro Motown nights free of cover at smaller bars. Just search your cities alternative weekly publication to find listings for hidden gems – it’s a great way to meet people and shake off some built up stress from the work week.

2. Weekly Sports Meetups

Whether you find a weekly pickup game by word of mouth or on an online forum, hitting the soccer field, basketball court or the baseball diamond is a good way to socialize, stay fit and develop your athletic prowess. After labor day weekend, when folks in your immediate community tend to be back on a regular schedule, you can reliably get together a ragtag team and develop some pride and sportsmanship. Companies such as Promopays can help you design custom hoodies in Toronto to rep your intramural league, complete with whatever goofy team name or logo you can cook up. Having a custom uniform is half the fun!

3. Farmer’s Market

Many people think of farmer’s markets as a summer thing, but autumn is actually harvest season, so while the crowds thin out a bit, you can score the best batch of juicy heirloom tomatoes, double smoked bacon, greens and freshly baked bread to make the world’s greatest BLT sandwich! Depending on the liquor laws where you live, there may even be beer and wine available and usually, there’s live music as well.

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