4 Reasons You Can Be Rejected While Filing Your Pedestrian Accident Claim

If you’ve been a pedestrian accident victim, you may wonder whether your insurance claim will be successful. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why an insurance company may reject your claim – even if you were not at fault for the accident.

In this article, we’ll explore the four most common reasons insurance companies reject claims and help determine whether you should seek legal help after a pedestrian accident. By understanding these reasons, you’ll be better positioned to make a successful claim.

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Lack Of Proof Of Damages

Lack of proof of damages correlates to the failure to provide sufficient evidence that a loss or injury has occurred due to a pedestrian accident.

Insurance companies expect claimants to provide proof of their losses to be eligible for payment. The insurance company may reject their claim if they do not have enough documentation or if what they have submitted contradicts their claims.

This type of rejection is prevalent in cases where there is no visible physical injury or damage, such as emotional trauma or lost wages due to missed workdays.

By having an attorney assist with gathering and presenting evidence, claimants can increase their chances of getting their claim approved despite the lack of proof of damages initially given.

Failure To Provide Proper Documentation

Providing proper documentation for a pedestrian accident claim is essential to ensure that the claim is valid. With appropriate documentation, such as doctor’s notes, x-rays, and other documents, it will be more challenging for the insurance company to deny the claim.

This documentation helps to prove that the injured party became injured in an accident and that they are eligible for compensation.

Additionally, proof of injuries can help strengthen a claimant’s case if there are discrepancies between the claim and what was proven. Lastly, it is vital to ensure all documents submitted are accurate since any false statements could result in a denial of the claim.

Unfounded Allegations Of Negligence

An insurance company may reject a pedestrian accident claim if it finds unnecessary complexity in it or if any of the submitted documents contradict claims made by the claimant.

For example, if a claimant falsifies any information in their insurance claim, it will be denied.

Insurance companies may reject a pedestrian accident claim due to unfounded allegations of negligence, including but not limited to the following:

  • The victim was the cause of the accident due to walking distractedly and not abiding by pedestrian regulations.
  • The claimant ran into traffic without checking for oncoming vehicles.

The insurance company may also cancel their policy if they find the victim lied about something years ago, even when obtaining their quote.

The complexity of such claims can make them more difficult for an insurer to assess accurately, which could lead them to reject them outright due to lack of evidence or trustworthiness of the claimant’s story.

Failure To Cooperate With The Insurer

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that look for ways to reduce costs whenever possible. They frequently do this by rejecting car insurance claims and denying payouts.

Suppose an insurer believes you failed to cooperate with their investigation into a pedestrian accident claim. In that case, they may deny your claim due to a lack of evidence or inaccuracies in your statements.


While winning a pedestrian accident claim against a driver is certainly possible, the odds are, unfortunately, against you. Insurance companies are businesses, and they’re in the business of making money. They’re not in the business of paying out claims, no matter how legitimate they may be.

If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident, your best bet is to research and understand why the company may reject your claim. With this information, you can take steps to improve your chances of success and determine if you want to seek legal help after a pedestrian accident.

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