4 Support Services Every College Student Needs

College is a busy time and brings a lot of changes. You are making new friends, taking challenging classes, and living away from your family. Adjusting well is the key to having a successful, happy time at college. The good news is that support services at your school can help you make the transition. There are several common types of support services, some of which your school might offer.

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Access To Telehealth

Your physical health is critical to your success as a college student, so don’t neglect caring for yourself. You might consider telehealth as a college student since it makes it easier to connect with a healthcare provider. Whether you are looking for counseling or have a physical ailment, using telehealth means you do not need to leave the comfort of your home or dorm to get an appointment. Some telehealth services even offer helpful guides.

For instance, you can review a guide on basics needs support. This can connect you with resources offering assistance with basic needs for college students that can help going forward.

Engaging and Supportive Faculty

Your professors and teachers are an important resource for your academic success. And some of the most important things you will learn during college will happen outside of a classroom. Professors can often point you toward community learning experiences, internships, and even jobs. When you have a lower student-to-faculty ratio, there will be more opportunity for engaging, individualized support from professors.

Your college experience can go from good to great when your professors know you by name, offering personalized support. Before choosing a school, it is a good idea to speak with the admissions counselors about the ways students are supported by the faculty, as well as the different learning opportunities your program provides.

Mentorship Opportunities

A mentor offers encouragement, advice, and guidance on a range of topics. You can look up to your mentor and get support from them during your college years and even beyond graduation. Of course, it can be hard to find one, so see if your school offers a mentorship program. Some will connect you to an upperclassman so you don’t have to navigate your college years alone. Or you could be connected to a graduate with similar goals and interests.

Organizations And Clubs On Campus

It is important to have a sense of community while on campus, so it is a good idea to look for places where you fit in. That will help you feel like you belong, and it lets you establish connections while developing strong friendships. Look at the fliers and posters around you to see if there are any organizations or clubs you might be interested in. Some schools also list these out on their websites.

Whether it is an athletic team, organization, research opportunity, or campus event, there is a way to get involved and meet like-minded individuals. It helps you grow your support network while taking part in something that will look great on your resume after you have graduated.

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