4 Tips To Keeping Your Granite Countertop Clean

Keeping your granite countertop clean is essential for preserving the optimal look and quality of the granite. Granite is known to be a very durable material and surface for most countertops but it still needs to be maintained.Granite is an igneous rock formed from volcanic magma, making it a harder rock than most other natural stone.

It’s a porous material but holds up well against regular use and contact. Granite is also known to be less prone to staining and discoloration, but there are still necessary tips to maximize its beauty and use. Sealing, cleaning, steering clear of damage and maintaining shine are essential in preserving a clean granite countertop. Follow these 4 tips to keeping your granite countertop clean.

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1. Seal Your Granite Countertops

Sealing your granite countertop is absolutely crucial in keeping your granite counter looking new and clean. When your countertops are first installed, sealing is the last step that gives the granite its sheen and protection from everyday use. By doing so, it ensures that the granite will look good and be free of scratches, stains, etches, and discoloration.

It is recommended that you reseal your granite every year or every two years, although two gives you a better chance of preserving your granite. Sealing your granite is not a complicated process and you can do it yourself, but calling a professional can ensure that the job is done properly.

To seal the granite yourself you will need to first wipe your countertop with a natural stone cleaner and let the area dry. This will ensure that there’s no mess that you will be sealed over. If you don’t clean first, then you can end up with a dirty and gritty countertop. Next, take a soft cloth and dip it in the sealant so that it is fully covered in sealant but not excessively dripping.

Wipe the wet cloth all over the surface of your granite countertops making sure to reach all the edges and corners. The countertop should not be sopping wet with sealant but use just enough to cover the surface. Wait for at least 10 minutes for the sealant to dry then you should apply another coat. When you’re finished sealing don’t touch the counter for 24 hours.

One way to check if your countertops need to be resealed is to splash water on the granite. If the water recoils into beads, your sealant is fine for the time being. If the water pools together, it may mean that you need to reseal your granite. Check areas that are in constant use on your counters to see if your granite needs to be resealed and maintained.

2. Clean Regularly

Another crucial tip in keeping your granite countertops clean is to clean them on a regular basis. You can use simple water or dish soap diluted with water to clean. Use a microfiber, or soft lint-free cloth to wipe the surface of the granite. A little soap and water go a long way. After, wipe with a dry cloth. You’ll have a grime-free granite countertop surface with minimal effort.

For maximum results and shine, wipe down the counters every evening. There are also special granite cleaning products that can be used once a week. Be sure to read instructions carefully and use properly.

Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners like ammonia, bleach, and vinegar. These substances will erode the granite. As it is a porous material, granite can absorb chemicals from these cleaners which can lead to discoloration and decay. It’s also best not to leave acidic food out for too long on your granite countertops for the same reason.

Don’t leave out any oils, oily foods, or wines for too long either. If you don’t clean up spills in a reasonable amount of time the granite can becomes etched from these substances and discoloration can begin. Eventually if untreated and not maintained properly, your granite will look cloudy.

3. Avoid Heat Damage

Although highly durable, heat damage can still play an unfortunate role in destroying your granite countertops and lead to a less than clean appearance. Consistently placing hot objects on your granite countertops can cause cracking. It can also affect the effectiveness of the sealant which can lead to absorption that leads to staining.

You can steer clear of any risks of heat damage by placing towels or potholders underneath any hot items such as teapots, pots, pans, and bowls. If you don’t care to take precautionary steps to avoid cracking from hot surfaces, your countertop won’t appear as clean. Dirt, dust, and grime can easily fall into crevices and etches so it’s important that you take heed and avoid heat damage.

4. Add Shine

A shiny granite countertop, after it has been cleaned, is the finest perk of having granite countertops. The effect of the sheen makes your countertop look extra clean and well cared for. Adding glimmer and shine to your granite countertops is quick and easy. The first step is to clean the surface of the granite.

Sometimes a quick swipe across the countertops and you’ll already have a gleaming surface. To add extra shine, apply granite polishing powder or granite polishing cream. This will give your countertops that glossy look. You can also contact a professional to wax your countertops for you. Don’t use car wax or any other non-granite waxing products or you risk compromising the sealant and granite.

As previously mentioned, sealing and maintaining the seal of your granite countertops will also add shine. Keeping your granite countertop clean is doable with these 4 tips. By following the proper steps for maintaining granite, you will be able to enjoy your countertop for years to come.

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