4 Essential Vitamins You Should Be Taking In Your 30s – Your Busiest Decade

Your 30s can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable decades of your life. You may be settling at last into your chosen career, getting married and starting a family or still following your dreams. High stress, busy schedules, and family obligations can take a toll on you even when you are young.

Your most healthy and vibrant years are often in your 30s before your metabolism begins to naturally slow down. Although you may feel like you are in the best shape of your life, it’s a good idea to develop good nutrition habits before it’s too late. Along with exercise, a smart diet that includes all the important vitamins and minerals is essential.

Living a proactive lifestyle can help you avoid many problems that come with age well before they start. Mineral deficiencies can happen at any age if you are not consuming the levels that you need to keep you healthy. Adding a quality supplement like Nordic Naturals can help you keep the proper amounts of minerals and vitamins in your system for optimal health. Take a look at the most essential nutrients that you should be getting every day.

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Unless you are on a strictly vegetarian or vegan diet, you are likely not always getting enough magnesium in your diet. Magnesium-rich foods like spinach and other greens are important for maintaining a healthy digestive and intestinal system. Greens can also act as a natural muscle relaxant that can ease cramping or spasms in overtired muscles. Magnesium also assists in the proper absorption of calcium which is another essential vitamin. If you’re on a vegetarian or vegan diet and are worried you might have low magnesium levels, you can take an online magnesium deficiency quiz to find out.


One of the building blocks of a strong body, calcium is an important vitamin, especially for young children and women. Calcium promotes good bone health and density that can help to reduce the chances of developing osteoporosis later in life. Calcium is an essential part of keeping your bones and teeth strong through your whole life. Dairy products and milk are both major natural sources of calcium.

Vitamin B12

If you aren’t getting enough Vitamin B12 in your regular diet you should be considering a supplement. Available in injections, pills or liquids, a B12 supplement is an important part of your daily health routine. Without enough of it in your system, your body has more difficulty converting food and nutrients into energy in your body. When your Vitamin B12 is low you can experience fatigue, anxiety and lose your natural sharpness with difficulty concentrating. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in the meat of most animals, but for those who do not eat meat, it can be found in natural yeast.


This powerful fatty acid is a vital part of brain and heart health. Seafood and fish oils are excellent sources of natural Omega-3s. You can eat fish products or take a fish oil supplement available in liquid or pill format. Keep your memory and cognitive function healthy and in its prime with the proper levels of Omega-3.

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