4 Ways To Reduce Your Utility Bills By 30% And Maintain Your Systems

Read on to find out if you really should get the works revamped by a top plumber North London service. You might have a ton of plumbing questions to find answers to like should you get a plumbing upgrade? You could be wondering about how to keep your drain pipes clean, how residential piping works, or how much it would cost you to re-pipe a home with PEX.

And if you are like most people wanting to save on utility bills, you could be wondering how to maintain your plumbing systems to reduce your bills by up to 30%, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Or you just want to know where you can get the best plumber North London? Here are simple and actionable plumbing tips to help do just that in no time.

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1. Plumbing Tips For All Seasons

Spring is the best time to do your plumbing maintenance work after winter happens. Be sure to flush water down irregularly used drains as well as clean dishwasher traps to keep everything in top-notch condition.

Summer provides a good opportunity to repair or replace your boiler with a more efficient heating pump such as a modern, A-rated condenser boiler to ramp up your energy bill savings.

Fall is an optimal time to use a Styrofoam kit for plugging up outdoor faucets and ensure all pipes are insulated before winter. During winter, avoid pouring fats and oils down your drains as they can solidify and clog up your piping.

Also, remember to flush down hot water once in a while to clear them out.

2. Reduce Your Water Bills With These Tips

Cut power supply to a leaking water heater tank. Forgetting to switch it off will enable it to run even after the hot water in it leaks out, leading it to burn out and demand an even more expensive replacement.

Installing dual-handle faucets on a regularly used sink can help save you money, according to the plumber North London service. Accidental hot water use draws from your water heater. That causes cold water to enter the heating tank, which then prompts the system to heat it up—a potentially more taxing cycle than having a dual-handle faucet installed.

Also, to save water, salt and sewage at up to a 2/3 rate, consider upgrading an older water softener to a modern and more efficient one. If your budget allows, then also consider replacing older toilet flush system with ultra-low-flush options to enjoy up to 75% saving.

If you are refurbishing your home to sell it, adding a water filtration system will shoot up the value of your home.

3. Expert Plumber North London – Test If Your Toilet Tank Is Leaking

Add food coloring to the tank and wait up to 20-30 minutes. If it is leaking, you’ll notice the food coloring in the bowl within that time. After the testing, be sure to flush down the coloring to avoid staining the tank.

Also, be sure to inspect whether they are corroded, worn out or bent parts.

4. What Is The Best Water Pipe For Bringing Water Into Your Home?

Compared to PVC piping, copper pipes are actually the best for bringing water into your home. Copper pipes not only last longer but also keep water flavor uncontaminated, unlike PVC which tends to leach plastic into the water running in it.

Keep in mind, though, copper pipes tend to freeze more easily compared to PVC pipes hence need insulating especially during cold seasons. On the flip side, ABS makes the best wastewater pipes because it is sturdy and durable. Take this into consideration when you’re looking for the best plumber North London has to offer.

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