5 Most Common Entry Points For Burglars

Every 13 seconds, a burglary occurs somewhere in the US, and 66% of these intrusions are home break-ins. The fact is that most of these break-ins aren’t anything close to the elaborate and daring heists we see on TV. Most intrusions are a simple enter, grab, and get out thing.

Although you can’t guarantee that your home won’t be burglarized, understanding how intruders break-in can help you develop a comprehensive security strategy. It will help you know where to install cameras and burglar alarms, where to add extra lights, which points to fortify, and so on. Here are some common entry points for burglars.

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The garage is always top of a burglar’s wish list since it houses vehicles, expensive equipment, and other valuable tools. It also offers access to the main house through the house-to-garage door. Not to mention that most garages are somewhat secluded, away from the neighbors’ eyes.

Garage door service Houston experts note that you can protect against garage break-ins by upgrading your garage door locks and mechanism. Working with professionals guarantees you better results. You should also install a smart alarm system to the garage door, tint the windows, and keep the door shut, whether you’re at home or away.

Back Door

We are all guilty of leaving the back door open sometimes. 22% of burglars access the home through a rear door, thanks to its secluded position. Most times, the quality of our backdoors and locks doesn’t match that of our front doors. That often leaves our homes more vulnerable to burglaries.

To secure the backdoor, install quality locks, place a security camera strategically to cover the entire backyard, and add a smart alarm to notify you whenever it’s opened. If you have a sliding door, install double-pane glass or shatterproof window films to make it impenetrable.

Front Door

It’s easy to assume that burglars won’t go for the front door. Yet, 34% of burglars twist the doorknob and walk right in. Burglars know that if they can get in quickly enough, the chances of being noticed are slim. If your doors are closed, an intruder will look around your home for hidden keys — and they are good at looking.

If they can’t find hidden keys, the last resort is a forced entry using a powerful kick or a forcible entry tool like a crowbar. Secure your front door by installing a solid core door, upgrade to a deadbolt lock or smart keyless lock, and don’t forget to lock your doors every time you leave the house.


First-floor windows are another common entry point that burglars love to exploit. Some intruders don’t even have to smash the glass as they can simply push the window open and enter. Install secondary locks on all windows and keep your windows closed when you’re not home. If you are around, don’t open your windows too wide.


When scouting for potential targets, burglars will look for any structure that can help them reach your upper windows. Since a ladder may draw too much attention, they will look for another easy way. That beautiful tree in your yard that gives you shade, privacy, and curb appeal can provide burglars access to second-floor windows and balcony doors.

If the tree is too close to your windows, trim its branches regularly to ensure it’s not possible to climb up and reach the house. Also, ensure there aren’t other objects like wheelie bins that the intruder can use to climb over fences, gates, and access windows.

Build Your Security Around these Entry Points

To keep your family safe and protect your valuables, make sure you secure these entry points. A burglar will first attempt to go through these entrances before making any other move. If the intruder realizes that all these points are impregnable, they’ll likely get frustrated and move on.

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