5 Great Reasons You Should Move To Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the US, and it boasts many amazing opportunities. Chicago is home to incredible restaurants, great museums, and beautiful lake views.

Each one of its many neighborhoods is unique, and they each offer a unique lifestyle to residents. Chicago might be expensive, but it makes up for its high cost of living with unique opportunities and experiences. If you’re into city life, Chicago could be the perfect city for you.

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1. Culture

Like most major cities, Chicago is diverse. Every neighborhood boasts different levels of diversity, but it you want to see the world and never leave your city, Chicago could be the place for you. You could enjoy bakeries in Chinatown, fresh curry in Little India, or shop at a Pakistani grocery store.

With all the different cultures blending around you, you’ll have no shortage of new things to learn and experience. You might live across the hall from someone who speaks another language, and you could make friends with people who teach you a brand new way of looking at the world.

2. Food

Chicago is often ranked #1 when it comes to US restaurants. The restaurants in Chicago are unique, varied, and provide experiences you couldn’t even imagine. Ice cream tacos? Bao? Regular tacos? Deep dish pizza? Chicago has everything, and a lot of restaurants offer a unique twist. Don’t just try the upscale places– talk to locals about the best hole in the wall spots for sushi, Indian food, or Thai.

3. Opportunities

You might love the peace and quiet of the country, but you may not have as many options. If you have kids, Chicago offers them a wide range of after-school activities, from the theater to children’s choirs, to art classes. For you, Chicago offers opportunities in the form of museums, clubs, community groups, and a wide array of job opportunities. Cities, by nature, are filled with opportunities, and Chicago could be the cure for feeling stuck.

4. Community

Friends can be hard to find once you hit your adult years. If you’re out of touch with high school or college friends, it’s often hard to find new circles to hang out in. Isolation can be harmful to your emotional well being. A good social life will help improve your happiness. If you feel stuck and friendless where you live, a move to a city like Chicago could help you meet new people. With such a dense population, it’s easier to meet people who share your interests.

5. Experiences

Last, but not least, Chicago provides great experiences. While the city itself can be expensive, plenty of free activities and events exist, such as concerts and street fairs, for you to try.

You might have to live in a smaller apartment and put part of your possessions into storage units Chicago, but that, in and of itself, can be an interesting life experience. If you’re used to suburban life, a move to Chicago will be an experience in its own right.

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