5 Reasons To Try Vaping Instead Of Smoking

Vaping is a hot new trend. Whether you’re the first or the last of your friends to try it, you likely have a bit of curiosity about vaping. It’s probably while you clicked on this article. You might be a smoker, or, you may never have smoked in your life. You might be feeling like the odd one out, as the last of your social circle without a vape mod. Or, you might have seen a video of cloud chasing online and thought… that looks fun! While you sit on the fence about trying vaping for yourself, consider these five reasons to try it.

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1. Vaping Creates More Social Time

If your friends are into vaping, being able to vape with them could be a rewarding social experience. Vaping is a great group activity. A little like coworkers all chatting over an outdoor cigarette, vaping is a chance for conversation and relaxing with friends. Especially with vaping tricks, like cloud chasing, the experience can even be entertaining, since showing off and performing tricks is quickly becoming part of the vaping experience.

2. Cloud Chasing

If you haven’t checked out any online videos of cloud chasing, you should. E-juices and E-liquids with a higher VG content produce denser vapes, almost like dry ice smoke. Swirling through the air, a denser vape can be a little like having your own cloud. Plus, with the added element of performing tricks, vape clouds are entertainment in and of themselves.

3. Flavors

If for no other reason, you should try vaping for the flavors. Unlike smoking, with its bitter, even acidic taste, vaping provides the option of flavors. Typically sweet, they can range from gummy bear flavored, to honey flavored, to chocolate chip cookie flavored, to peach green tea flavored. Not only do they fill your mouth with the flavor, they fill the air with it, too–and it’s a much better smell than second-hand smoke.

4. Safer Than Smoking

Vaping isn’t healthy, and no one should claim that it is. It is, however, it’s safer than smoking since it causes less lung damage. Nicotine is still unhealthy, and some of the chemicals in e-juice are likewise harmful in the long run, but if you’re going to smoke or vape–vaping is by far the better choice. A lot healthier when it’s nicotine free, vaping is moderation is a relatively risk-free means of enjoyment.

5. Personalization

Cigarettes get thrown away as soon as they’re used. Vapes, however, stick around for years, since the e-juice is the only thing that gets replaced. Sort of like getting a custom-carved pipe, your vape mod can be personalized to suit your personality. Between unique mods and the flavor options, vaping can be a great way for you to customize your experience.

Vaping isn’t for everyone, and if, after reading this list, you’ve decided it’s not for you–that’s okay. If you are interested in vaping, give it a try. You might not know if you like it or not until you try it. So, head over to Vape Sale, get a wholesale mod and wholesale e-juice, and see if vaping is something you enjoy.

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