5 Reasons Why Knowing Your Strengths Is Important!

Have you ever taken a test to actually determine your strengths and your weaknesses?  I remember as a part of our planning sessions at work, we were asked to make a SWOT analysis before making any recommendations.  Have you had the chance to do that for your own business?  Even more importantly, have you ever really taken the time to find out what your strengths are?

Some people I know always focus on their weakness rather than their strengths for some reason.  I am not saying that it is bad, but knowing the things that set you apart in a good way can actually be more beneficial to you rather than focusing on what you do not do as well.  This is especially true in times like this when resources are limited, and when the standard of living is getting higher.  We all want to get ahead in our careers.  Knowing your strengths is very important.  I have listed 5 reasons that I hope will encourage anyone who reads this to contemplate their own strengths and find out what they are good at.

1.  Saves you time – Finding out what you are good at will allow you to save time on having to re-learn a skill or job.  Not that you are trying to study or check out your other career options, but if you are, knowing which talents or skills you have will help you narrow your choices right away.

2.  Allows you to grow even more – Sitting down and writing down what you are strong at, or what you can excel at, can help you branch out and aim even higher than you were before.  You can achieve so much more than you thought you could!

3.  Boosts your self confidence –  Finding out what your strong points are, no  matter what they are, will definitely give you a boost in self confidence.  They might even be skills like drawing, writing or cooking.  When we feel confident, we can achieve so much more.

4.  Makes you a happier person –  When you feel good about yourself, you know you can do anything!  Deep inside, knowing you have a skill set that will give you an edge will definitely make you a happier person.

5.  You can be an inspiration and guide for others –  When you have taken the time to check and analyze your strengths, you can now use that to be an inspiration and a guide for others.  You can be the light at the end of the tunnel for others.  Your boss will love you for it.

Maybe you are one who has already gone through the exercise of finding your strengths, and you have benefited from it.  If so, please share your experience with us here!  We would love to hear from you, our wonderful readers.

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