5 Signs That You Really Need To Take A Break [Infographic]

With roughly 1 in 3 Brits not taking their full holiday entitlement every year, there’s a lot of us running on empty. The digital age has brought an ‘always on’ culture with it and consequently, many people feel that taking a break from work every so often is not a productive use of their time.

Some may feel they are already too behind in their work, others may fear to fall even further behind if they take a vacation and some are worried about their boss’s perception, especially when no one else is taking their vacation. And thus people just continue to push through their feelings of fatigue and burn out which long-term proves incredibly detrimental to both physical and mental wellbeing. In fact, a 2015 study from University College in London found that overworking can lead to a 33% higher risk of having a stroke, and a 13% increased risk of a heart attack, not great statistics.

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Recognizing The Signs And When To Take A Break

It’s thought that an average adult needs at least 4 breaks per year to maintain a healthy body and mind but with this constant pressure to be ‘grinding’ and busy 24/7 is not really surprising more and more of us are foregoing our entitled holiday. So how do you know when you really do need to take a break? Well, there are a multitude of signs to keep an eye out for if you think you’re close to breaking point, just a few are listed here:

  • You’re eating more comfort than normal – We get it, cupcakes are delicious, but is there really a need for four of them, in a row?!
  • You haven’t posted anything on social media for a long time because nothing exciting has happened… – Or you’re getting irrationally angry at your friends’ pictures of their holiday. (Don’t worry it’s a common problem)
  • You’ve upped your coffee intake by at least 3 cups per day – I mean a double shot is perhaps okay for just your first one…
  • You oversleep more than once a week – And you press that snooze button perhaps a few more times than you should.
  • “You look tired” is a phrase you hear more than once a day – If you start to look like your passport photo, be worried, very worried…

If any of the above points resonate with you then it’s perhaps time to look at taking some annual leave and a break of some of some sorts. Whether it is for a short weekend break or a week-long adventure try to get away.

It’s often overlooked what a change of scenery can do for your mood and outlook on life (let alone the fact that if you stayed at home you’d almost definitely end up doing those household chores you had been procrastinating about!)

If you’re a city dweller it’s good to get away from the noise and over-stimulation living in a city center residence can create, why not try renting a cottage out and having a holiday by the sea? A break away from work is also the perfect occasion to spend some much-needed quality time with your loved ones, a romantic break with your significant other could be just what you need to help you both get back to feeling like your true selves.

Spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of the working world can do you wonders. Get out there, explore new places, create new memories and spend time with the people you love, you’ll be amazed how much better you feel on your return to your regular routine.

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