5 Cutting Edge Skin Care Techniques

Did you know that skincare qualifies as a hobby? Skin is the largest organ on your body and your first line of protection against everything thrown against you; it deserves your attention. Retinol, Vitamin C, and SPF are important, but the world has made a few other dramatic breakthroughs as well. Follow along, we will be discussing them here.

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Microneedling 2.0

If you have wrinkles and saggy skin, you might want to get a vampire facial. This buzzy micro needling is a new skincare tactic. You should consider introducing it to achieve glowing and healthy skin. This is a combination of PRP and Microneedling. It is among the most popular non-invasive procedures used to treat skin issues. It also helps against receding hairline. Microneedling delivers the important nutrients instantly and helps your body to start the recovery process fast.

Antibody Technology

Bacteria, Toxins, and Viruses are antigens that threaten your well-being. A Healthy immune system produces antibodies when it detects antigens. These antibodies are directed to a specific antigen and get rid of them without affecting other body cells. If these cells fail, you get sick.

Scientists have been researching antibodies for hundreds of years. Today, the skin care industry is also researching how we can use antibodies to improve our skin. Antibodies help to treat skin issues like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. They also reverse the signs of aging. There are various examples of a company using antibodies derived from the eggs of ostriches.

Ostriches are known to have the most powerful immune systems. Their antibodies target ceramidase, it is an enzyme which disrupts your bodies natural functions and drops moisture retention levels. This makes your skin look plump and hydrated.

Topical Filler

A substitute for Dermal Fillers. These are more effective than invasive solutions. The Topical Fillers combine hyaluronic acid molecules of different weights, though they specifically target moisture levels on both the surface and deeper.

These fillers make an effective serum for smoothing out wrinkles. This works on the skin surface to help with uneven texture, elasticity, and hydration. One proper treatment can last for nine months or more. The only issue is, it’s only available in Europe. Log in to www.clderm.com and learn more.

Microbiome Support

This is something you would think you need the IT department for, but that’s not actually the case. The microbiome is a natural colonization of bacteria on the skin.  This helps you achieve clear, and healthy skin, and have a good complexion. This will help you avoid the breakout of acne, dryness, and irritation. Bad organisms live in your skin.

Microbiome doesn’t destroy bad bacteria, instead, it replaces bad bacteria with good bacteria. This creates a healthy balance of all microbes.

Placental Stem Cells

Stem cells have infinite room for growth and potential. They encourage your skin cells to grow and divide while they recharge old cells. This will give your skin a new look.

Recently, a treatment was devised where purified stem cells and serums were used to mimic the human placenta. These cells are most effective when they are injected. Some even use an amniotic tissue. It delivers incredibly long-lasting results.

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