Experience Your Vampire Fantasies At The Vampire Cafe

It’s 2am now. I sit here in the dark, writing this article, with all the doors and windows open even though I know that right here in Atlanta is the largest organization of people who think they are vampires. No worries though, at least now I know how to tell if someone is a vampire.

It’s true, I write about vampires a lot. Perhaps I’m obsessed with them or maybe I just want to know what it’s like to have my neck punctured and my blood sucked (not!).

Since I’m thinking about vampires at the moment, I thought it would be the perfect time to share with you this vampire restaurant. We’ve seen a lot of fun gimmicky restaurants before. I think prior to writing this article; my favorite one was The Modern Toilet restaurant where you actually sit on a toilet to eat dinner. This restaurant, called The Vampire Cafe, is located in Ginza (near Tokyo). Apparently, it’s all about the vampire fantasy there, and from the pictures, it looks incredible. The floors are glowing red, and the decor is all about crucifixes, spiders, skulls, candelabras, and of course, Dracula and his coffin.

Each table is separated with beaded drapes, almost to encourage some vampire-ish behavior during dinner. The waiters and waitresses are even dressed in Gothic formal attire. From what I read, it’s an expensive place to dine. However, haven’t you always noticed in the movies that vampires have money? Perhaps that just goes along with the theme. Oh well, I hear the bloody cocktails (red wine) are free at least.

[Via: Lacarmina] [Image Credit: Oddity Central]