How To: Tell If Someone Is A Vampire

I admit, I’m a little fascinated with the whole concept of vampires. There is just something so bizarrely scary, sexy and mystical about it all. Some people get vampires and zombies confused, but they are very different. You can read about that here.  Did you know that there are vampire-killing kits? It seems like all throughout the ages there has been an obsession with vampires.

Until recently, I never wondered though how to spot a vampire. I mean, would you know if you saw one? Do they actually exist? Of course not, right? Or do they? According to some websites, a vampire is simply a person that has a disease called Vampirism. They drink shots of blood and are light sensitive. Of course, some people call Vampirism a form of psychosis. :)

I live in Atlanta, and the other day Richard told me that the largest organization for people who “believe” they are vampires is right here in my own city. So now I’m wondering, how would I spot a vampire here in Atlanta? Would I know it if I saw one? If you were born on a Saturday, you should have no problem spotting a vampire. Legend has it that people born on that day know if someone is a vampire by just looking at them.  Gee, that must be nice.  I think I was born on a random Tuesday dannnngit.

If you think you might be a vampire, you can go to this website to determine whether or not you really are one. For the rest of us, I have found some ways that we can spot one. Here is the short list, illustrated in pictures. Hopefully these might save you from getting your neck bitten one day. Thank you to the brilliant minds at Evil Slutopia for putting these together.