5 Things You Should Know About Water Flossers

A water flosser is a tool used to remove food particles lodged in-between your teeth or on the gum line. It is sometimes called a water pick. It works by using a thin stream of water, meaning that you have to plug it into a water source when using it. Among the many benefits, water flossers are portable and easy to use. Having been introduced in the 1960’s, water flossers aren’t a new thing in the market.

When included as part and parcel of daily oral care routine, flossers can improve dental health and promote strong gums. This is why researchers refer to flossing as an essential oral hygiene practice. But no one will deny that compared to toothbrushes and other oral care items, water flossers are fairly new. Just in case you’ve heard so little about them, here are 5 things you need to know about water flossers.

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1. They Improve Your Smile

It can be so embarrassing when you smile at someone and you have a piece of vegetable or grain stuck on your teeth. In general, flossing allows you to chat freely with people without worrying about such frustrations. And what’s more effective than the strength of a smile when it comes to social matters?

2. They Achieve What A Toothbrush Can’t

Even the best toothbrush on the market won’t provide 100% results when it comes to cleaning periodontal pockets. As earlier mentioned, flossers are quite effective in removing any food particles stuck in-between your teeth. But the bigger problem comes when much smaller particles get stuck between the teeth and the gums, which require thorough cleaning to get rid of. Additionally, water flossers also remove subgingival bacteria instantly, reducing the risk of dental gum infections and plaque formation.

3. They’re Usable Before And After Mouthwash

Some people are fond of flossing before using mouthwash. Others like it better when it’s done after. Whichever way you like it, a water flosser will suffice.

4. They Minimize Cytokine Inflammation

Cytokine inflammation is also known as a pro-inflammation. Cytokine is a signaling molecule produced by certain cells of the immune system (antibodies). These immunoproteins tend to form with poor oral care and are a major cause of gum bleeding during mouthwash use. Using a water flosser subjects you to a lower risk of bleeding compared to using a toothbrush to dislodge certain particles. Researchers have found that due to the fact that they reduce the risk of cytokine formation, water flossers tend to minimize dental problems such as bleeding gums.

5. Water Flossers Are Kid- Friendly

If you want your kids to grow with strong, healthy, and clean teeth, it is advisable you teach them how to floss. And considering their simplicity and ease of use, water flossers can be an awesome alternative to traditional flossers for your kids. Depending on how old they are, you only need to guide them to ensure they do it the right way, safely.

The writing’s on the wall that flossing is a huge deal when it comes to oral hygiene. And when choosing dental floss, remember to consider the tons of advantages water flossers have over standard ones. You can find some helpful information here in case you’re interested in checking out the best water flossers on the market.

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