Roast Beef Bubble Gum

Who needs real meat when you can chew on a big ‘ol wad of roast beef bubble gum? To go with it, I invite you to try the Cheez-It Lip Balm. To drink, why not splurge on some Beer Lip Gloss. And, for dessert, let’s have some cupcake gumballs! Yes, there have been some pretty crazy food inspired edible goodies, but this roast beef bubble gum might be the strangest one yet.

This intrigues me; however, I wonder what exactly they put in it to make it taste like roast beef. At only $3.50 for a tin of 22 gumballs, my guess is, they did not use real roast beef to get that slow-cooked homemade flavor. Normally I chew gum to get fresh clean breath after eating. Hmm… I wonder what kind of breath we’d have after chewing this gum! Eeeww… and it just occurred to me that this gum would be brown in our mouths.

I love roast beef, and supposedly this gum tastes really good, artificial flavor and all. According to Archie McPhee, “This roast beef bubble gum tastes so delicious that each gumball deserves to be served on a platter and carved with a knife and fork.” Nom nom! You can buy your own roast beef bubble gum (along with some inflatable meatloaf and bubble gum cocktail wienies) here.

[via Book of Joe]