5 Tips To Handle Disputes Between Landlords And Tenants

It’s apparent that you’ll have to face disputes with tenants in your role as a landlord. Minor disputes are more in the nature of misunderstandings and can be settled in course of normal discourse. But when matters become worse, or you notice that the tenant is trying to take advantage, you’ll need to handle the matter with a firm hand.

If you’ve never rented out a property before, you may be caught unawares with such property disputes. You may not feel comfortable broaching the matter directly with the tenant, and end up losing your rights. On the other hand, being prepared to tackle disputes can give you an edge even if you don’t have much experience. Also, don’t forget to incorporate a clause regarding dispute resolution in the rent agreement. This will facilitate the dispute resolution process.

Here are some tips for resolving disputes between tenants and landlords.

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1. Equip Yourself With Legal Knowledge

Avoiding disputes should be your foremost strategy as a landlord or tenant. The best way to keep disputes at bay is to know about the laws and regulations concerning renting and tenancy. You should be aware of your rights and duties under the law.

Read your lease agreement thoroughly and carefully. Most of the rights and obligations would be clearly spelled out in the agreement. Adhering to the agreement and updating it in accordance with the latest laws can help you avoid any disputes with the tenant.

2. Discuss The Issue Patiently

Situations may arise, where you face problems from the tenant. The most effective resolution strategy is to raise the issue for mutual discussion. Arrange a meeting at a suitable time and set down to talk about the matter face to face at the earliest occasion.

Letting too much time pass before raising your concerns can lead the tenant to believe that you’re comfortable with the situation. However, while you’re at the discussion table, it is also important to maintain composure and talk patiently. Your efforts should reflect an intention to resolve the matter and keep the peace.

3. Look For A Mediator

If you can’t arrive at a settlement in spite of personal discussions with the tenant, you can seek assistance from a professional mediator. The guidance of a professional mediator can be invaluable in the context of property disputes. Approach professionals who have experience in rental disputes Dubai. They can help you arrive at a quick and satisfactory settlement.

Please be aware that settlement through mediation is not binding on the parties. Either party may choose not to adhere to the recommendations of the mediator.

4. Apply For Arbitration

Since mediation is a non-binding dispute resolution strategy, there are chances that your effort to settle the matter through mediation can fail. Under such circumstances, your next legal approach to settle the dispute should be arbitration. A mutually appointed arbitrator will hear both parties and arrive at a decision for settling your disputes.

Settlement through arbitration is legally binding on the parties. Although the arbitration process can be costlier than mediation, you can rely on it for finality.

5. Settlement In Court

You may be unsuccessful at arriving at a settlement through alternate dispute resolution measures like mediation. You may not be satisfied with the decision of the arbitrator and choose to challenge it too. In such cases, you have the option of taking the traditional route for settlement in small claims courts like the Rental Dispute Settlement Centre. You will have to hire a lawyer and proceed with legal notice to your tenant.

In many cases, it is possible to negotiate a settlement with another party out of court also. Your lawyer can advise you through the process. This way you can save time and money that would otherwise be invested in litigation.

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