5 Tips To Keep Your Senior Dog Safe During The Holidays And Have Fun

With the holiday season upon us, as a pet owner, you may be wondering how you can make holiday celebrations as safe as possible for your senior dog. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah, remember that your dog could be in danger of ingesting dangerous items left out by well-meaning guests or straining their leg. Listed below are tips to help keep your senior dog safe during the holiday season.

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1. Use A Dog ACL Brace In Case Of A Sprained ACL

ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, is a ligament that holds the knee joint together. Dogs are prone to injuries and can suffer from ACL problems just as easily as humans. If a torn ACL afflicts your dog, it will be difficult for him to get around, resulting in other injuries.

A dog ACL brace is one of the best ways to provide preventive care, stabilize your dog’s leg during recovery or in case of a sprain. A dog leg brace can be helpful while on the go, providing excellent stability and support. If your dog has an active lifestyle and is at a higher risk of tearing its anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), then an ACL dog brace is crucial. Dogs may suffer from an ACL injury, and often the outcome could be dire if prompt medical attention is not available.

2. Keep The Senior Dog Out Of The Kitchen

There are some holiday treats that your senior dog will never be able to eat. As your dog ages, it becomes more critical that you pay attention to what and how much they eat. Chocolate is the worst offender in causing toxicity in dogs. Candy, sugarless gum, fruitcake, and others can have enough sugar to poison your senior dog.

Also, some foods, such as onions or grapes, lemons, and garlic, can cause stomach upset in older dogs. The number one rule for senior dogs during the holiday season is to keep them out of the kitchen. Not even paws can resist the aromas of holiday cooking. Keep your pet out of the kitchen!

3. Don’t Let Them Eat The Wrapping Paper And The Ribbons

The holidays are here, which means lots of colorful wrapping paper and ribbons. The holidays can bring on some extra excitement for your puppy’s brain. They are trying to figure out what all the commotion is about, and they are always ready to partake in whatever excitement they come across.

Your senior dog loves to be involved in holiday activities, but eating the decorations is not part of the plan. Keep canine temptation at bay by not allowing your senior dog to eat your holiday decorations, especially if it is a nibbler. Many dangers are lurking underneath that adorable Christmas paper!

4. Make Sure Your Senior Dog Doesn’t Head Downstairs

One of the biggest dangers for older dogs is falling downstairs. Downstairs can not only lead to broken bones, sprains, and dislocations, but it can also lead to bleeding and bruising under the skin. In addition, older dogs can also be occasionally hard of hearing, which means loud noises can startle them, leading to them panicking or taking off running.

Long runs on hard floors downstairs with no grip can quickly cause injuries that may seem minor at first but become serious by the time you get there. It’s nice to have an energetic pup at Christmas, but make sure your senior dog doesn’t head downstairs!

5. Don’t Leave Your Senior Dog In The Cold

There is nothing worse than bundling yourself up in scarves and coats during the winter season only to leave your furry friend outside in the cold. Dont leave them out in the cold. Many dogs will be excited to go outside when your family is home and around, but if you leave the house with everyone else, they will have to stay out of the house alone – which can be dangerous.

Your senior dog may not be able to withstand freezing temperatures as quickly as it used to. And with winter storms popping up all of the time, it can be hard having to keep them indoors when you’d rather have them enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Even if you have a warm house for your senior dog, leaving them out for extended periods can pose a severe threat to their health and safety. So, even though you may feel like taking them outside to play in 70-degree weather, don’t give in to the temptation!


Keeping your senior dog safe during the holiday season is more important. Continually evaluate whether or not your dog is physically capable and medically stable for the tasks you require of them. Keep your senior dog healthy by providing safe and adequate food, water, and exercise. You may need to take your dog for some extra walks, trips to the dog park, or have some extra playtime indoors.

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