5 Tips For Taking Care Of Your New Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress can be a ludicrously expensive affair, yet everyone needs a good place to sleep every night. Despite the fact that a mattress is one of the largest purchases that many people make in a year, however, few people actually understand how to properly maintain their newly-bought property so that it doesn’t give out on them sooner rather than later.

Luckily, learning how to properly care for your mattress only takes a little bit of time and preparation. Here are 5 tips for taking care of your new mattress, what to avoid if you want it to serve you well for years to come, and why splurging for a good mattress may be worth it if you’re struggling to sleep.

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1. Don’t Let Kids Jump On The Bed

Jumping on the bed is a time-honored tradition of childhood, yet it’s something that could prove to be immensely costly to you if you allow it to go on unabated. Jumping on a bed once or twice doesn’t permanently ruin it, but constantly straining your mattress could seriously impede its ability to help you get a good night’s rest, especially if it’s done every night.

Nevertheless, many parents struggle when it comes to this issue, precisely because children aren’t always ready and willing to obey your commands when the time comes to put an end to their fun. Those who have just splurged on an expensive new mattress should review how parents can solve the problem of kids jumping on the bed without making your children hate you.

As enjoyable as they may find it, allowing your kids to jump on your newly-bought mattress is a surefire way to erode its quality sooner rather than later, and furthermore, they could even injure themselves if they fall and hit the floor.

2. Pay Careful Attention To It When Moving

Many homeowners find themselves in a peculiar situation; you’ve only just purchased a new mattress, but soon or perhaps immediately you’re moving into a new place and must bring that hefty new possession along with you.

It’s imperative to pay special attention to your mattress when moving, as it’s very easy for hired movers to drop it or otherwise man-handle it in a dangerous way that potentially threatens its quality. Something as simple as dropping the mattress as you’re moving out could spell long-term disaster, especially if it falls into dirt, water, or in a similarly-damaging substance which could cause it to smell or lose its luster.

Always measure the entryways of a room before trying to move a mattress into it, as moving a new mattress into a new home but finding out that you can’t fit it in your desired room is frustrating and could lead to you to temporarily store it in less-than-ideal conditions while finding a more suitable location for it. There’s nothing more aggravating than finding an excellent mattress for back pain only to discover that it’s too bulky to fit into your lovely new bedroom.

3. Flip And Rotate Your Mattress Regularly

Most mattress manufacturers give their customers one bit of advice which is routinely ignored, much to their long-term detriment. It’s imperative that you regularly flip and rotate your mattress, as this helps distribute the strain that it undergoes each night when it must support your weight and that of your sleeping partner.

Many homeowners refuse to do this because it can be a frustrating process – after all, mattresses aren’t always easy to move – but failing to regularly rotate your mattress could diminish its quality far sooner than you’d otherwise expect. At the bare minimum, rotate it every three months to ensure its shape and quality is adequately maintained.

4. Ventilate It Overnight

Sometimes, you’ll purchase a lovely new mattress only to take it home and discover that it’s emitting a foul and unpleasant odor. Luckily, you may not have to deal with this forever – whenever you purchase a new mattress, it’s important to ventilate it overnight, allowing it to breathe so that any odors are eventually sapped out of its springs.

A good breath of fresh air and some strong odor-repelling cleaning products can work wonders when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your mattress. Similarly, whenever you rotate or flip your mattress, you may also want to consider allowing it to ventilate for some time before fully making your bed and covering it up again.

5. Know How To Thoroughly Clean It

Sometimes, ventilation and preventative care simply aren’t enough. Inevitably, you may spill something on your mattress or suffer a similar accident which makes it impossible to sleep on it until it’s been thoroughly cleaned.

It’s important to approach cleaning your mattress carefully, however, as some products can harm its fine composition whereas others will produce only lackluster results when it comes to hygiene. You should closely review mattress cleaning tips before endeavoring to clean one yourself for the first time, as the wrong choice of cleaning products or technique could seriously mess up your valuable possession.

Take good care of your mattress, and the back pain and hygiene problems you’re suffering from may soon be a thing of the past. Remember to thoroughly vet your options when initially purchasing a mattress, too, as some options are far superior to others. Paying more for higher quality goods is always worth it when it comes to a good mattress, and with time you’ll discover that taking care of it pays off in the form of better and more refreshing sleep.

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