5 Tips To Save Money The Next Time You Take A Flight

When you travel to your holiday destination, you could spend $15 for a burrito, $5 for the snack bar and $4 for a bottle of water. These are basic expenses you don’t want to travel without. Traveling burns money in every step you take toward your destination. If you have nothing in your wallet, your lovely vacation will quickly become a nightmare.

Making a budget before you travel to the airport for your flight is essential.  Over the years, I have learned some money-saving tips and tricks and in this article, I will discuss some of these strategies below.

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Get A Free Hotel Shuttle Service

If you are staying at an upscale independent hotel near any international airport, find the free airport shuttle service.  If you have no idea about such services then speak with your concierge or become well acquainted with some of these long-term airport parking tips.

In many countries, it is customary to tip a person or a driver who helps carry your luggage. But spending this cash is better than paying $40 or $50 for a one-way shuttle.

Take Advantage of Public Transit

The first general rule of reaching the airport is: If you can easily take public transportation, do it. If you reside in a rural or suburban area far from the nearest train or bus line, door-to-door public transportation isn’t possible. It’s the same for the other side of your journey if you are staying in a remote vacation resort. You need to plan ahead and look at the options available to arrive at your destination at the lowest possible cost…

Excessive luggage complicates even fairly easy transit trips. If your trip will take you from one city to another and you are not carrying your entire clothing collection, riding the bus is the best option. Travel light.

Take Lyft Or Uber, Not Taxis

If airport taxis are not available in your destination or city, or the airport-imposed surcharge is too high, go for a rideshare such as Lyft or Uber rather using a traditional airport taxi.

I have saved 25% to 50% with this easy move. Beyond airport taxes, the problem that you may also face is a surge in rideshare prices at times of peak demand.   Whenever you deal with a 100% surge, a conventional taxi cab will be your best bet.

Park Your Car In The Discount Lot

If you want to drive to the airport yourself, park your car in the economy or discount ramp or lot. Practically every international airport has at least one lot or ramp, usually located beyond airport premises or near the airport terminal.

Some major international airports have several discount lot sections. Try to find off-airport or privately-owned lots that usually charge a small fraction of the full price of some terminal-connected lots.

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