5 Traits Of Creative People

Are you creative? Have you ever asked yourself that question? People are drawn to creative types, whether that person is an artist, a designer, a writer, it doesn’t matter, we are curious as to how his or her mind works. I work in a place where creativity is encouraged, and I am lucky to be surrounded by such creative individuals. It is always a treat to be invited to join in on the brainstorming sessions. I get a peek into how they process thoughts and concepts, and in the end, come up with brilliant ideas that are very inspiring. I have always believed that creativity can be honed, people do not need to be an artist or designer to be considered creative.

I believe we can be creative in whatever field we are in. For example, chefs are creative masters in the kitchen, and sales people or marketers are creative in coming up with strategies to build businesses. There are certain traits that I believe every creative person possesses. Check these out and see if you have any of them!

1. Creative people are curious. They ask questions all the time. When they see or discover something they do not understand, they make the extra effort to learn everything they can about how it works, and how it can benefit them and others.

2. Creative people like challenges. They do not run away from challenges, they tackle them head on. The bigger the challenge, the more they are intrigued. They do not try to escape problems, but rather they treat them as challenges. The most creative people I know are also great problem solvers.

3. Creative people are not afraid to experiment. They are risk takers, and they are not afraid to try something new, whether it be a process, gadget or formula. Experimenting is a way for them to see what works and what doesn’t work. They will not wait for people to dictate their actions, they would rather lead.

4. Creative people have high standards. They do not settle for less than their best. They will find a way to make something better. They never stop learning.

5. Creative people know how to accept and give constructive criticism. No matter what we do, people will always have something to say about it, whether it is good or bad.  Creative people can accept criticism and turn it into opportunities. They also know how to give constructive criticism. Since they have high standards, they many times expect themselves and others to excel in whatever they do.