5 Unusual Things To Do In Azerbaijan

If you love adventures and exploring new destinations, Azerbaijan should be on your bucket list of places to visit. A must-see location for tourists who crave scenic views, Azerbaijan is home to numerous castles, mountains, beaches, and forests. But unlike popular tourist destinations, Azerbaijan has plenty of unusual places. Read on to learn what we are talking about.

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What Unusual Places Can You Visit in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is full of surprises. You can visit historical places, natural habitats, architectural wonders, and cultural destinations. But if you’re looking to explore unusual places you’ve never seen before, here are some of the best options.

Candy Cane Mountains

These are the Shale Mountains present near the Khizi and Siyazan districts. They get their name from the red-pink and white striped mountain with exposed rocks. If you see its aerial view, you will surely mistake it for a candy cane. In case you’re wondering how it gets its bright-red color, the high levels of iron in the ground do this.

Museum of Miniature Books

This is the only museum in the world that features miniature books. The Museum of miniature books has also created a Guinness Book of Records for being the largest miniature book museum. You can find all sorts of books related to science, religion, literature, and others.

Yanar Dağ (Fire Mountain)

It is a natural gas fire that continuously burns on a hillside on the Absheron Peninsula. Of course, the best time to visit the place is nighttime, since you can get a good look at the fire. Also remember to go with a tour guide to avoid going in the wrong direction.

Fire Temple of Baku

Fire Temple of Baku, also known as Ateshgah of Baku, is a historical architecture that represents both castle and a religious temple. This was the worship place for Zoroastrianism, which was the ancient religion of Persia. Though no one comes here, you can enjoy seeing the remnants of this religious place.

What Are The Visa Requirements For Traveling To Azerbaijan?

It is easy to get Azerbaijan online visa. You need to apply online and submit necessary documents such as your identification card, passport, credit or debit details, and photographs. You also need to pay an online fee and wait to receive your visa in a couple of days.

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