5 Ways Travel Enhances Your Life

It’s great to be an American, and most people that live here would argue the States are the best place to live. However, you can’t argue there’s not a benefit to getting out and exploring the world, as exploration runs through the veins of every citizen living here today.

Whether your ancestors migrated here a century ago or have been here for thousands of years, at some point, they had a desire to experience something new. If you’re a homebody who keeps putting off getting out of your hometown, your state, or even the country, here are five reasons you might want to plan a trip, broaden your knowledge and feed your curiosity this summer.

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1. Experience Other Cultures

Everything from architecture to popular music is influenced by culture. It may not be obvious because you see it every day, but those blue jeans in your closet exist thanks to Switzerland, while the fireworks lighting the sky on Independence Day originated during the Tang Dynasty in China. Every culture has enriched the lives of another, so getting out and experiencing other cultures is a sure way to add more flavor to your life.

Consider taking an Ensenada cruise to experience the culture of Mexico. Ensenada offers a color-rich atmosphere that includes countryside wineries and cosmopolitan flair. While you’re there, see if you can find which traditions the locals practice that Americans have adopted.

2. Awaken Your Taste Buds With New Cuisine

You don’t have to travel to another country to experience diverse cuisine. This is because immigrants from different nations settled in different parts of the country, bringing their cooking techniques with them.

Some areas are a mix of influences from several cultures. For example, cajun food is a combination of French, Spanish and African cooking techniques. A person from Minnesota might feel like they’ve entered a foreign country the first time they try some of Louisiana’s unique culinary offerings.

Ever heard of boiled peanuts? Boiled peanuts might sound like an odd concoction unless you’re from the southern part of the States. Southerners even pronounce it differently–boil’ peanuts. If you try them, complement them with a cold glass of iced tea.

3. Explore New Landscapes

Nothing is as breathtaking as the sun setting over majestic mountains or rising over a blue-green sea, and fortunately, no two mountain ranges or bodies of water are exactly alike. This is a great incentive to experience them all! But even the desert regions of the world offer variations and mysteries of life.

While your pretty, green lawn is beautiful to look at from your back porch, imagine looking out at the sailboats on the Great Lakes every evening. You don’t have to move there, but you should at least experience it. These types of experiences are great at melting away the stress of careers and obligations.

4. Broaden Your Perspective

When traveling, it’s essential to keep an open mind. You may find a new way of seeing a situation or accomplishing an everyday task. For example, in India, it’s common for people to eat their meals with their hands.

While to a Westerner this might seem primitive, for Indians it’s a way to further connect with the taste and texture of the food. In some parts of Africa, the clothing a person wears can clue you into their marital status and age. Clothing is also designed to protect its wearer from the harsh elements.

5. Incorporate Your Findings Into Your Own Life

Traveling and learning go together since through travel you gain new knowledge. You’ll find things you like, and anywhere you travel will offer local art and souvenirs you can bring home to remind you of those travels.

You may even find you enjoy and want to adapt some of your newfound cultural practices, such as eating with your hands or snacking on boiled peanuts. Your findings are a great way to share your new knowledge and experiences with your friends and family.

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