6 Benefits Of Hiring A Wedding Planner For Your Special Day

You’ve heard horror stories about what a massive time-eater weddings are. Weddings take up a lot of time, period. Payscale.com states that the average wedding planner makes ~$13.23/hr. While it’s tough to calculate how much a planner will charge you (or whether they’ll offer a fixed rate/flat fee), there are advantages towards having a wedding consultant on your side. Here are 6 of those benefits.

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1. Wedding Budgeting Masters

To stay on track, having a strict wedding budget isn’t enough. Wedding planners help you get the most bang for your buck on some great savings. (Which is an absolute must, considering the average wedding cost in the U.S. is over $25,000.) They’re in the business of knowing which stores have great discounts. Do you know how much 200 white bouquets cost? Can you name the price of a customized wedding cake off the top of your head? Wedding planners know the answers: because this is their business. Qualified planners are also expert “bean counters” with excellent bookkeeping skills so you don’t have to – keeping the show ahead of schedule.

2. Point Of Contact

Professional wedding planners keep the show ahead of schedule which is their ability to handle people and get things done, almost like a wedding checklist. This means your DJ, caterer, officiants and other vendors will all be handled. During a wedding, planners are the go-to person for sorting out questions or handling cheque payments. (Imagine a high-level secretary behind the scenes with all the other works so you, the star of the show, can do what you need to do: enjoy yourself.)

3. Connections

Earlier we discussed wedding planners’ exact ability for saving you money. This is because most wedding planners worth their weight in salt have a “Rolodex of connections.” If you need help with florists, caterers, hair stylists, top-tier photographers and the works… wedding planners are a necessity. It’s paramount to being a film director and having a friend in the industry who knows Matt Damon and Meg Ryan. Aside from being your inside friend, these people will also save you hours of browsing time looking for “just the right” business.

4. Honesty

Wedding consultants are in the business of making your day perfect for you, not to satisfy their own ego. (Although seeing a life-loving smile on their clients’ faces is, I’m sure, a huge ego boost.) Your friends and family may want to help you design your wedding – but it is our human nature to want things for ourselves. (Such as donating money to the Red Cross to feel important. An admirable action, with somewhat self-congratulating undertones.) Whether they try to or not, your inner-circle will end up making decisions for their own wedding. You are paying wedding planners what you pay them for their honesty about your choices.

“The desire for a feeling of importance is one of the chief distinguishing differences between mankind and the animals.” – Dale Carnegie

5. Creativity

Personally, I believe human collaboration is one of the most innovative concepts out there. These people are in this profession because they love the endless amount of creative challenges. If you have ideas, there’s no better “superstar” to bounce your ideas off of. Imagine being a musician and having Bob Dylan as a friend to share your melodies and lyrics with. The brainstorming opportunities—full of ideas you may not consider—are endless.

6. Massive Time Savers

Did you know, on average, a wedding takes 200+ hours to plan? Probably even longer if you’re not in the business of planning weddings, right? Wedding consultants become top of their industries – to the point they know planning like the back of their hand. Their expert advice pays off in spades of saving time efficiently.


Do wedding planners consider themselves maestros? I’d like to think so – because they essentially are maestros who ensure almost everything about your big day goes off without a hitch. She or he is the first “emergency responder” hiding behind the scenes – handling situations you may never hear about until after the fact. This tranquil peace of mind, above all, is one of the beautiful reasons to hire a planner today.

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