6 Driving Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road

You should never—under any circumstances—compromise driving safety. (Unless you’re a flat-out fool that doesn’t deserve to be behind the wheel.) If that sounds harsh – that’s because it is. If you see yourself breaking any of the driving tips listed below, you’re hazardous on the road. The safety of people on the road is my top priority – and people forsaking that safety for our own selfish reasons makes my blood boil.

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1. Do Not Exceed The Speed Limit

With the number of pitiful drivers on the roads, I personally feel nervous about hitting the highway. The other day I saw someone (4 lanes over) going over 50mph. It takes five seconds, at 55+mph, to cross a football field. A lot can happen in five seconds, right?

There was a lane of cars behind them when the driver, in the childish and most stupid of acts I ever saw, at the last second threw on the blinker. At the last second the driver, at fast speeds with a line of traffic behind, turned off the highway. Can you believe it? The idiocy! The gall! The sheer moronic nerve of that driver!

2. Patience, Padawan

Yes, you’re in a rush. Maybe you’re late for a meeting, appointment or some other event. Hundreds of millions of people are in a rush, too. In today’s world, we’re in a race. There’s no denying that. But none of us will arrive at where we need to be if we’re all impatient about it. Agreed? Remember: tortoises win races.

3. Do Not Text And Drive

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (all the way back in 2013) estimated that 2,700 young people died each year. Why? Texting and driving. By comparison: 2,996 people were killed in 9/11. Texting and driving killed almost as much people as the deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history. Today, however, the CDCP reports that approx. 9 people are killed and over 1,000 are injured – each day. Someone in your family could be next – if not you.

4. Don’t Drive Drunk

In 2008, over 11,773 deaths happened in the U.S. because of drunk driving. To put that in perspective: only 2,402 people died during kamikaze attacks at Pearl Harbour… and more than 250 Native Americans were slaughtered during the Wounded Knee Massacre. Two of some of the most despicable and horrific events in human history put together… have fewer casualties than drinking and driving.

5. Wear Seatbelts

I always loved school field trips. One I remember most is when they took me to a “Car Safety” exhibition. Do you remember those? Remember that car that spun like a rotisserie wheel with dummies (without seatbelts) inside them? I do – this is what happened 80% of the time: the dummy snagged on the door’s window and was entirely crushed like a kitten under a steamroller. Now imagine if that’s someone you know, not wearing a seatbelt for the sake of “being cool.” Flying through the windshield is a possibility, too. Luckily, some cars have gadgets that help with this, like dodge challenger accessories.

6. Pay Attention To The Road

When it comes to car collisions, you’ll always hear “I never saw it coming!” Whether the guilty person is covering up their incompetence, or genuinely never saw the car coming… is a painful reminder. Pay attention to the road.

If we paid as much attention to the road as we do to TV and Netflix, do you think there’d be a lot fewer injuries on the road? Anything that distracts you for a few seconds needs to be minimalized.

Safe Driving – Conclusion

There is no flimsy excuse in Heaven or Hell that justifies breaking any of the points mentioned in the list. You are dangerous. If, however, you have the privilege of driving and exercise responsibility (like the clear-thinking, competent adult you are), continue being an exemplary driver.

Why do we forget our driving lessons? Why do we forget our safety tips? They’re all right there – and require nothing but common sense to understand, right? The state of our world makes me fear for my grandchildren. Be vigilant – be safe.

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