6 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Numerology

Have you ever wondered if numbers have any effect on your day-to-day life? Could a study of said relationship exist? Numerology provides a scientific explanation of how numbers affect our lives. Often considered a universal language of numbers, numerology argues that the universe could be broken down into basic elements.

Those basic elements are essentially numbers that help us understand the world around us and enable us to make sense of our lives. Even though some might consider it coincidence or mere luck, here are 6 interesting facts to know about numerology that will prove otherwise.

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Every Number Has Its Own Meaning

This might make no sense to you, but each and every number represents a personality trait that is present within specific people. Using these numbers, one can find zen and reach for guidance in their lives. As you will see throughout this list, there are various types of numbers that represent different meanings, all of which aim to provide valuable insight to help you lead a better life.

You Can Calculate Your Own Life Path Number

By following a simple formula, you can calculate your life path number, which will surely help you connect with your inner self and identify positive and negative traits that you probably weren’t aware of.  Accurately calculating your life path number will ensure an accurate prediction of your life and how it can move on. Aspects in which your life path number could affect you can vary from love, health, career, all the way to your social life. So, beware of what it represents and how it will affect you.

There Are “Master Numbers” In Numerology

11, 22, and 33 are the three “master numbers” in numerology. People with those numbers in their name or date of birth are gifted with ‘special qualities’ that help set them apart from the mainstream. If you’re curious to see if you’re a member of such an elite club, make sure to find your numbers and figure it out. Having a master number can have a significant meaning in your life, which is why one should make sure to utilize that significance to their advantage and not let it go to waste.

The History Of Numerology Is Quite Vivid

Dating back to thousands of years, numerology has traces in civilizations like the Roman, Chinese, Greek, and Japanese. Pythagoras is the Greek philosopher heavily associated with modern-day numbers. Though never proven, some think that Pythagoras’ work helped develop, if not create, modern-day numerology. The term was coined by Dr. Julian Stenton, as he documented the various elements of numerology and popularized it. Before that, it was often referred to as the “Science of Names and Numbers”.

The Personality Number Can Give Insight On How Others See You

This number is different from the others in both its functions and expectations. It suggests how others might perceive you before getting to know them by listing the characteristics you often project. Using this number, you can learn more about yourself and what you aspire to be. It will also help you understand the type of energy that you send out to the world, and how others might perceive it.

Changing Your Born-Name Will Not Change Its Effect on You!

Quite the surprise, if you choose to change your name during your lifetime, you can use your new name to calculate your numerological numbers, but through a second chart with that new name. Your old name still has a tremendous effect on your personality. Whether your old number had positive or negative features, you still get to live with them, even after changing your name.

Numerology is fun, interesting, historic, and definitely enticing to read about. However, it is without a doubt complicated. Taking the decision to delve into such a discipline will surely come with its merits. Nonetheless, the backlash against it is huge. No one knows a set mechanism through which numerology works; the same number can have various interpretations, depending on the numerological system used to assess the personality. It is very arbitrary in the sense that most assumptions made through numerology aren’t necessarily backed by anything!

There are definitely two sides to every coin. We highly advise you to critically assess the facts and theories of numerology presented throughout this article. We believe that numerology can provide an insight into the traits of one’s personality. But even if you don’t share the same belief, it can’t hurt to explore the concept anyway. So go ahead, calculate your numbers and see for yourself.

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