6 Myths About Personal Injury Lawyers You Should Know

Suffering from a personal injury, especially one that is caused by an accident or collision that happened out of no fault of your own, can be incredibly hard. The more severe your injury, the more severe the aftermath. However, it is important to understand your legal rights after suffering from personal injuries caused by accidents. Unfortunately, there are many different misconceptions when it comes to the legalities revolving around personal injuries and personal injury lawyers who can help you get your legal rights after an accident.

Here are some of the myths that you should know about in order to stay correctly informed.

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1. You Can File Your Claims Anytime

When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, there is a statute of limitations. That is why it is a common myth that those who suffer from any kind of personal injury can just hire a personal injury lawyer to take care of the legal proceedings for them and file for claims at any time. The reality is some procedures need to be taken immediately after an accident and that is why timing is key when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer and filing your legal claims.

2. Personal Injury Lawyers Will Cost You A Fortune

After suffering from a personal injury caused by an accident or collision, many people shy away from taking any legal procedures thinking that it might cost them a fortune in lawyer fees and proceeding costs. This is a common myth as people can easily look for and hire injury attorneys who would be able to get the job done according to their own personal budget without breaking their bank with extreme legal fees. Some firms even offer payment plans for their clients where they only have to pay if they actually receive any kind of rewarding compensation.

3. Personal Injury Proceedings Last Too Long

Many people believe that if they hire a personal injury lawyer after being involved in a collision or accident where someone else is at fault, that legal proceedings would take too long, maybe even months, and that they would be wasting time and effort. The reality is, cases differ from one to the other in terms of severity which, in turn, affects the duration of proceedings.

This myth is true in some cases, however, some cases can be sorted in the time frame of 24 hours. So you should never compare your case to others or let that misconception stop you from filing a personal injury lawyer to make a legal claim where you should be properly compensated.

4. Big Cases Need Big Firms

This is a common myth that many people fall for. When someone finds themselves in need of a personal injury lawyer, they think that a big law firm will be more likely to set aside a team of lawyers to fight their case, whereas a smaller firm would not. This is far from correct as the important thing to look for in a firm when looking to hire a personal injury lawyer is credentials and experience. A lot of the time you can find those traits in small emerging firms that would help you with your case just as well as a big firm would.

5. Your Insurance Increases If You Hire A Lawyer

Some people are reluctant to hire personal injury lawyers because of the myth that their insurance could skyrocket if they do. That is far from true as personal injuries are, in many cases, someone else’s fault, and your insurance would not be affected in any way if that is the case. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can actually help you prove you were not at fault and protect you from facing increases to your insurance.

6. Lawyers Will Always Win Your Case If The Other Party Was At Fault

Personal injury cases differ from one to the other. In most cases, personal injury lawyers would make sure you get fairly compensated for any injuries or damages that you have endured after you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault. However, the myth that lawyers are guaranteed to always win cases against other parties if they were at fault for your personal injury is something that you should be aware of.

There are different factors that would affect each case differently; however, that should not stop you from hiring a personal injury lawyer in a timely manner after your accident to ensure the legal course of action is taken correctly.

Personal injury lawyers work hard every day to ensure that people get their full legal rights if they have been involved in any kind of accident or collision where they were not at fault. Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should make sure you are familiar with some of these myths so you do not fall for scams or lose your legal rights. Make sure you do not wait too long to file your claims or hire a personal injury lawyer, so you can get fairly compensated.

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