7 Common Myths About Botox Injections – Beauty Treatment Answers

When you think about Botox injections, what thoughts come to your mind? Most likely you’re thinking about someone who can’t move their face, who faces looks unnatural, and a painful injection that isn’t even going to work well. Right? Well, if you’re thinking that, then you’re not alone!

There are so many people who have these misconceptions and many more about Botox injections. The fact of the matter is that Botox is one of the most popular and the safest anti-aging technique you can do for your face and body. Keep reading down below to learn about the myths about Botox injections and why they are not true at all. If you’ve bought into these myths, then you had better stop believing them!

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1. Getting Botox Is Toxic For You And Unsafe

Botox is one of the safest treatments you can get for your face. Botox is just a derivative from botulinum protein, which is completely safe and non-toxic for your face. Sure, there are toxic levels of this protein, just like every other substance. However, when you get Botox injections, the levels of this protein are nowhere near the levels of toxicity. Most people just have the wrong idea about this substance that’s used in Botox injections.

There have been millions of treatments all over the world for Botox. And there have been no long-term side effects that have been reported along with those treatments. This means the above myth is not true at all.

2. They Are Pretty Painful And Uncomfortable

This myth is one that’s been completely made up by those who don’t even know how it feels to get Botox injections. Sure, there are multiple injections that you have to go through. But most patients report having no discomfort or pain at all throughout the process. That’s because the needles that are used in Botox surgeries are super tiny and you can barely feel them at all! Even if there is any discomfort, there are some numbing treatments that are administered by your surgeon to help out. If you’re believing this myth, you had better dispel it right now!

3. You’re Going To Look Emotionless When You Get Botox

[pullquote]When you have Botox done by a licensed professional, then this myth is never going to come true.[/pullquote] Many people think that when you get Botox, you are going to turn into an emotionless robot. However, Botox is only used to relax muscles in certain areas of your face where you get the injections.

You are not going to be completely emotionless because you can still properly move much of your face. The whole point of a Botox injection is that you have a natural, younger look. And when you have an appointment with a professional, he or she will accomplish this for you.

4. Anyone Can Inject Botox And It’s Safe

Another big myth about Botox is that pretty much anyone can administer it. However, that’s not true at all. It might be the case that Botox is a super simple injection process, but only a licensed professional should be handling a surgical or non-surgical Botox. As with any other medical procedure, your results are going to be wholly determined by the doctor who is administering your treatment. If you go to a doctor that’s a bit sketchy or who doesn’t have so many accreditations, you can expect that your results aren’t going to be what you want. If you do your research and choose a surgeon who knows what he or she is doing, then you are going to be happy with your results.

5. It’s Permanent

If you think that Botox is a permanent surgery, then you’ve got it all wrong. The results of Botox are only going to be around for three to six months after your treatment. The proteins that are released in Botox injections will lose their effects within that time period when your muscles start moving again. To keep the results of your Botox, you are going to have to go through multiple treatments on a regular basis.

6. The Only People Who Can Get Botox Are Women

One of the biggest myths about Botox is that the treatment is only for women. However, that’s not true at all! Botox is becoming a more and more popular surgery among men, as well. That’s because modern men are expected to look great as they get older, just like women. Getting Botox is a bit different for men, as the dosage of Botox is a little bit higher. This is because the facial muscles in a man’s face tend to be a bit stronger than with women. Now, this is going to completely depend on the patient, but that doesn’t mean that only women should get Botox.

7. Getting A Botox Injection Immediately Helps With Your Skin

Many people are under the assumption that as soon as you get Botox in your face, you are going to see results. A lot of people believe that once you’re done with the surgery, you’ll walk out of the doctor’s office looking 100%. However, that’s not how Botox works. You will not see results until a couple of days after the surgery and you won’t notice complete results until a little over a week afterward. You should understand this fact before you go into the surgery. Many people face depression or anxiety when they don’t see results right after the surgery. There’s no reason to feel this, though! Just wait for your results and you will be happy with them.

Each of these myths is super important for you to forget about if you are getting cosmetic surgery or if you are thinking about getting a Botox injection. If you buy into these myths, then hopefully this article helped you dispel them from your mind. Botox injections are a completely safe, non-toxic, and great way to look younger than ever before and get that confidence boost you need to be successful in life. What are you waiting for?

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7 Common Myths About Botox Injections – Beauty Treatment Questions

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