6 Sneaker Designs For Serious Social Media Addicts

If you are a social media addict, you are constantly connected to your personal networking stream. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr… You are always just a click away from connecting with the people you care about. For those of you who love your social media sites like they were your best friends, maybe it’s time to show the world your loyalty and dedication to your favorite one. One way to do that is to sport a pair of these social media Keds designs.

I remember a while back when I wrote about a designer who would create works of art on Nike sneakers. He created a whole line of social media sneakers that apparently became very popular for a while.

Unfortunately, these Keds aren’t real shoes; they are only concept designs. I actually like these smaller, simpler versions much better than those Nikes we saw last year. Wearing white Keds was popular decades ago, so combining that with a social media twist really gives these a nostalgic flavor while still remaining current. I would like to have a pair of each one of these. Well, maybe not the Google ones, they look like clown shoes, but I love all the other designs! [Designer: Lumen Bigott]

Facebook Sneaker Creative Design

Twitter Keds Sneakers Design

Flickr Creative Sneakers Design

YouTube Creative Sneakers Design

Google Plus Creative Sneakers Design

Wikipedia Creative Sneakers Design

Via: [Pickchur]