6 Yacht Safety Tips For Your Next Cruise Holiday

There’s nothing like experiencing a cruise holiday with your friends and family in a tranquil ocean. With the color of the water changes with the color of the sky, the view is magical. But it is always wise to remember a few safety tips while traveling in a yacht.

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1. Always Keep Safety Gear

Life jackets are not the only safety gear that you should have. Even if you are a proud owner of trawler yachts that allow you to travel for weeks and months, it doesn’t mean the ocean will be friendly with you at all times. You never know when the high tides might hit the yacht.

Always keep duct tapes, flashlights, first aid kit, ropes, whistles, fire extinguishers, and garbage bags. Whether you end up using them or not, it is essential to carry these things whenever you are on a boat.

2. Bring Appropriate Life Jackets

Merely picking a few life jackets just for the sake of keeping them as safety gear doesn’t make sense. You should try the life jacket on to make sure it fits your body. It should snugly fit everyone so that you float on water. Also, keep the jackets inflated when you start the journey.

3. Don’t Overload The Yacht

Every yacht has a specific weight capacity that you shouldn’t cross. Overloading the boat with people or a lot of heavy equipment will only unbalance your craft. So, make sure you confirm the total weight of the passengers and safety tools and compare it with the weight that the yacht can hold. Also, everyone shouldn’t stay on one side of the boat at the same time. There should be equal weights on both sides to keep the yacht steady.

4. Follow Docking Procedures

Docking is often a challenge for many because of the current and wind. However, there is a trick that you can follow to prevent any accident. As you come closer to the shore, keep the boat’s bumpers out.

The speed of the boat should slow down as the bumpers protrude towards the dock. Ideally, you should secure a docking line to secure the boat. If there is too much wind, bring the yacht at least two feet from the dock and let the breeze do the rest.

5. Check The Weather Beforehand

By now, you must have a cruise destination in mind. But, have you checked the weather updates in that location? No matter how sunny the weather is today, you should always think of tomorrow. That is why you should check the weather for the number of days you will stay on the yacht.

6. Always Have A Plan B

You have checked the weather and also taken all the safety tools with you. But what if there is a storm? What if the boat capsizes? Then you should always turn to Plan B. That’s the rescue plan. In fact, you should plan the escape route first before planning your cruise trip.

Cruise trips make for enjoyable and memorable experiences, but you should always be prepared for whatever comes your way. Keep these tips in mind and to make your cruise holiday sail as smoothly as possible.

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