7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Outdoor Kitchens

If you love cooking outdoors, nothing can be more satisfying than having a nice kitchen where you can cook in the open air. There’s nothing that can compare to the all-time favorite backyard barbecue we all love so much. However, while these are the moments that we will cherish for years to come, it is important not to forget how to be safe when cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

Whether this is your first time cooking outdoors or you’re a seasoned veteran, you should avoid making any of these common mistakes that can lead to more trouble than is necessary.

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1. Not Having Adequate Storage

When designing your outdoor cooking space, it is important to allow for adequate storage space for both the food you plan to prepare and the utensils you need.

Your kitchen should have ample storage space. You might designate one area to keep staples and dry goods off the ground and away from any stray animals that may wander into your yard.

It is also a good idea for another area set aside specifically to meet your cold storage needs. If you can afford it, install a weather-resistant refrigerator to keep perishables at the optimum temperature and store any condiments and other ingredients you may need.

2. Forgetting About Ventilation

In addition to consistent air-flow for the cooking area, every appliance and electrical outlet needs good circulation around it to ensure that nothing gets overheated and thereby creating a potential hazard.

This can be done by installing exhaust fans and vent holes wherever possible, and a vent hood over your cooking area.

3. Not Planning For Workflow

Planning for workflow is critical for efficient cooking. Without it, you will constantly be running back and forth to get your job done. It is better to plan for a wash, prep, cooking, and plating station so you won’t need to keep retracing your steps. You’ll be more organized and save most of your energy for entertaining your guests.

4. Grill Too Small

Every outdoor kitchen needs a good grill, but that can quickly dampen your enthusiasm if it is not up to the task. Make sure that you don’t skimp on the size.

Get a grill that will be able to handle the amount of cooking you plan to do. One that is too small will mean that you have to cook endless batches of food, which can eventually wear on your patience.

Larger outdoor kitchen barbecue grills give a lot more heat so that you will have even and consistent cooking. It will also save you lots of time since you won’t have to cook in batches. You’ll get done a whole lot faster that way.

5. Getting Enough Power

Even if you plan on barbecuing everything you get your hands on, you will still need to have enough power to operate your refrigerator and small appliances you plan to use.

Think of the drinks, sauces, and other extras you plan to serve your guests. Make sure that you have a good source of power to meet all of your needs.

6. Failing To Measure

Poor planning could create a kitchen that doesn’t have ample space for the things you need. It is a given that you will plan enough room for your larger appliances. Still, it is easy to forget that the smaller appliances also need adequate space.

Plan to have enough counter space; otherwise, preparing your meals could become a real nightmare.

7. Not Planning For Cleanup

Make an area with a sink and running water so you can wash your veggies and utensils without having to go inside the house. A good cleaning area will also keep your counter looking neat-&-clean and help you to avoid having to haul loads of pots, pans, and dishes into the house kitchen to wash, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Before you start looking at the finishes and the fixtures for your new space, think carefully about the more practical features of its unique design. You can get the best kitchen layout complete with all the necessary amenities needed to make your new space the perfect extension of your home.

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