7 Sounds Kids Born Today Will Never Know

Oh my goodness, this is so awesome. As you know, different people are stimulated by different senses in different ways. For example. some people associate visuals or scents with certain memories. Other people associate sounds with their past. We’ve often seen those posts about “things your kids will never know,” but I’ve never seen one before that focused on sounds.

A few days ago, Mental Floss published an article called 11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard. It’s funny because out of those 11 sounds, I have only heard 7. Suddenly I feel so young! LOL I had so much fun reading that post that I had to take the 7 sounds that I recognized and publish them here on Bit Rebels.

Okay, just for fun, I have to do the breakdown with you. Then, you have to tell me what these remind you of too! I remember rotary phones. We had those in my house when I was young. I don’t remember this exact typewriter, but I definitely remember staying up all night typing a paper for school on a typewriter when I was in 6th grade. I remember using Liquid Paper to correct my mistakes. Ewww!

We never had that coffee percolator thingy or that projector in my house, but my grandparents did. I remember seeing those when we visited them, so they made the list. I absolutely remember watching television after my bedtime and seeing the stations sign off. It’s so strange to think about that now. I’ve seen two records like that stacked on a record player, but it was recently in an old-fashioned jukebox at Waffle House.

I have never seen one of those flash cubes, but I loved the video so much I had to include it. Is that how people really did it back in those days? Are you f-ing kidding me? I love it! I want to try a flash cube. I think that woman is from Lost In Space, seriously! Maybe all the women back then just wore their hair the same way. LOL This was such a fun post to write. I hope you enjoy all the sounds in these videos. Thank you Mental Floss!

Via: [Nuclear Toast] [Mental Floss]