7 Easy Steps To Rejuvenating Your Hair

Keeping your hair looking healthy can be challenging during your busy schedule, particularly as the weather begins to get colder. Though some common issues such as hair loss may not be easily fixed with a few simple changes, the hair transplant cost is affordable enough for those that need it to undergo surgery to bring the hairline back to its former glory. However, if you are just experiencing limp and lifeless hair, then we have seven ways that you can rejuvenate your hair for the luscious locks you always wanted.

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Wash Every Other Day

When caring for your hair, you mustn’t over wash the hair. Though it may seem tempting to wash it every day, this can do more damage than good. By washing your hair every two to three days, this will rebalance the scalp and help to regulate oil production. This is crucial to the health of your hair as the scalp is the most crucial part of hair growth.

Remove Sulphates

Another way to rejuvenate your hair is to remove sulfates from your shampoo and conditioner. Though sulfates are key to removing dead skin and excess oil from the scalp, they often times are responsible for stripping the natural fat from the hair.

Though this could be beneficial for those that produce a significant amount of oil, removing the sulfates will help to avoid drying out the scalp, giving you a glossy shine every time you shower.  Removing sulfates is also crucial for color-treated hair as this can dry out the hair and cause further breakages, though this style of shampoo and conditioner can be challenging to find, it will be worth it in the long term.

Avoid Hot Showers

As winter draws nearer, the idea of hopping into a warm shower seems all the more tempting; however, it should be avoided. A boiling hot shower can boil the hair at the root causing it to become fizzy and dry significantly faster than you would if you had a cold shower.

By showering with warm water or even cold water, you can protect the surface of the hair and retain any coloring that has been applied. Though this may seem strange at first, this will help to keep the hair healthy and reduce irritation to the scalp.

Never Skip Conditioner

Though you may be stuck for a time before a night out, it is crucial never to skip the use of conditioner. This will help to rejuvenate the scalp and maintain an adequate level of moisture in the hair. If your hair is dry by nature anyway, then conditioner is crucial to ensure that your shampoo does not dry it out. In addition to this, conditioner can help to protect the length of the hair, preventing split ends and breakage at the tip of the hair.

Use Heat Protectant

In addition to always using conditioner, it is vital that heat protectant is always used when using hair styling tools as this will prevent heat damage over a prolonged period. This can be purchased in several supermarkets and beauty stores and will be your secret weapon to restoring your hair.

Trim Ends Regularly

If you are experiencing split ends, then having regular trims will help to maintain the health of your hair. Whether it is used to create layers and help to alleviate thick long hair or trim some of the lengths to restore a natural bounce, a regular trim will keep your hair looking healthy all year round.

Comb Wet Hair

The final way that you can rejuvenate your hair is by making sure you are combing your wet hair. Though this is more time consuming than using a brush, this will help to reduce split ends and prevent breakage of your hair as you are drying. By following the simple rule of combing wet hair and brushing dry hair, you can keep your hair healthy without the use of harmful chemicals.

Whether you are looking to completely rejuvenate your hair ahead for the autumn and winter months, or you are looking to change up your daily routine, each of these will help to ensure that your hair is healthy all year round without the need for any harsh chemicals.

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