7 Subscription Services To Help You Reclaim Your Time

In today’s busy world, you’re probably being pulled in a thousand different directions. You’re working, taking care of your family, exercising, and still trying to find time in the day to practice self-care. That’s a lot. And chances are, you’d love a way to cut down on the amount of time you spend on certain tasks. Check out these subscription services that will help you reclaim your valuable time.

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1. Nurx

Getting access to birth control can be time-consuming and expensive. If you want birth control pills, shot, patch, or IUD, you typically have to see your OB-GYN first. Then you have to pick up your birth control at a drugstore. Depending on the method you choose, you may have to see your doctor again to have the birth control administered.

The entire process can be tedious, not to mention costly. Even with insurance, there’s a chance you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Whereas with a subscription service, you can have your birth control delivered to you without breaking the bank.

Nurx, for example, is an online healthcare platform that will deliver birth control to you. You simply answer a few questions, consult with a medical provider online, and your birth control is delivered in discreet packaging. Nurx will then automatically send you refills when you need them. One reason Nurx stands out, besides it being 100% online, is the cost. With insurance, you might end up paying nothing at all for the medication.

2. StitchFix

Some people love going to the mall and buying new clothes. Others see it as a complete waste of time but they do it because they need clothes. If you fall under the latter, you would benefit from a clothing subscription service. These services do the tedious work for you so you don’t have to spend hours looking for the right outfit.

StitchFix is a personal styling platform. Once you sign up, you choose the styles you’re interested in, your price range, and your size. Then you’re connected with a personal shopper who uses that information to choose the perfect outfit for your body and lifestyle. If you sign up for a subscription with StitchFix, you’re automatically sent a new box of clothing every single month.

3. 1-800-Contacts

1-800 Contacts has been around for quite a while. Even before the recent surge in subscription box use, people took advantage of being able to have their contacts delivered to them.

When you call 1-800 Contacts, you’re connected with a real person who handles your order. Your contacts are then delivered directly to your front door. What’s nice about 1-800 Contacts is they’re usually cheaper than if you bought your contacts directly from the eye doctor. Keep in mind, though, this service shouldn’t replace contacting a doctor if you’re having any eye pain or discomfort.

4. Quip

Your health is important. But you knew that already, didn’t you? What you might not know is how important your oral health is. Bad oral health can put you at risk for heart disease and cause a plethora of other health issues. Don’t let your oral health suffer. Make sure you don’t forget to floss, brush after meals, and regularly replace your toothbrush.

Not many people know this, but toothbrushes can get sick — just like you. If you have a cold and you brush your teeth, that infection will go to your toothbrush. This is why you should replace your toothbrush after getting over a cold or other virus. Even if you don’t get sick, bacteria can easily build up on toothbrushes. You don’t want to use the same one for longer than three months.

Quip makes it easy to swap out brushes without you even having to think about it. By signing up for this subscription, you’re sent a toothbrush in the mail. Then every three months, you’re sent new bristles for your brush so you don’t have to remember when to get new ones.

5. InstaCart

Why spend time at the grocery store when you don’t have to? During the pandemic, there was a spike in people opting to have their groceries delivered. One reason was people didn’t feel safe leaving their homes. And even though things are slowly getting back to normal, online grocery shopping might be here to stay.

According to a study, 46% of people said they use online delivery more now than before the pandemic. That’s because of how convenient it is to have your groceries delivered. Some services, like Instacart, offer a subscription option that waives the delivery fee and provides faster delivery. While you’ll have to pay for the groceries, you don’t pay for delivery, which will save you money.

6. Fabletics

If you work out a lot, you probably go through workout clothes pretty regularly. Items like sports bras only last so long. Instead of running to the mall every time you need a new pair of leggings, consider a subscription with Fabletics.

Fabletics offers hundreds of items from workout clothes to workout accessories. To get started, you simply fill out your information (sizes, style preference, price range, etc.) You’ll receive a monthly box with items that cost well over the $49.95 you pay a month to be a member.

7. BeanBox

Do you like coffee? Then you need to check out BeanBox. This subscription service delivers artisan coffee to your door. You don’t have to shop for coffee on your own or spend time taste testing. BeanBox will send your ideal flavors to your door.

You can choose between different subscriptions depending on the type of coffee you want and how often you want it. For example, for $24 you can have a box delivered monthly,  for $22 you’ll get bi-weekly boxes. What’s unique about BeanBox is the coffee comes from roasters all over the country. It’s also a cheaper option for coffee enthusiasts who only drink the best.

Integrating even just one of the above services will benefit you, saving you time and even money on your essentials.

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