Amazing Edible Cookies And Milk Shot Glasses

I think I just found the best shot glasses in existence! Why bother with the old and boring glass shot glasses when you can get a set of these instead? I mean, sure, these will most likely not last too long, but that’s just the price you will have to pay. These shot glasses are edible, and they look amazingly delicious!

Perhaps alcoholic beverages work fine with these shot glasses as well, but they are just as delicious with a bit of milk or ice cream poured into them. These cookies and milk shot glasses come in a range of delectable flavors. How about Chocolate Chip, Red Velvet, Cookies N Cream, Double Chocolate? That should put an end to that sweet tooth and the sugar craving that you might be feeling after a long day at work.

These delicious creations come from The Dirty Cookie and will cost you $54.00 for a dozen. That’s not too shabby considering the awesomeness they will instill you with when presenting them at your swaggy party.

As a matter if fact, I am doing my best right now not to splurge on a couple of dozens of these amazing creations. Perhaps it’s a good thing I just had lunch and don’t want anything right now. For you, reading this article it might be a whole different story. Will you cave into the temptation? You should!

I keep wondering which of these are the best ones. Perhaps you guys can help me out by commenting in the comment section below and let me know if you have had any of these before. They all look incredible and choosing one might be impossible. Which one would you have chosen?

The Dirty Cookie offers catering, but they also have a swaggy café where you can enjoy these chocolate sins. Be sure to check out their place on the web for more information. Oh, and make sure to follow them on Instagram as well. They always share mouth-watering pictures! I am quite certain that most you will not be able to leave their website or Instagram without buying at least a dozen of their cookies and milk shot glasses.

Delicious Cookies & Milk Shot Glasses

Milk And Cookies Shot Glasses

Milk And Cookies Shot Glasses

Milk And Cookies Shot Glasses

Milk And Cookies Shot Glasses