7 Things To Do When You Are Moving To A New House

When moving to a new place you have to take care not only of a moving process but also of a new house you’re going to live in. Very often people pack everything very well, clean out their old apartment, connect to a moving company, but forget to take care of a new place. There are some nuances which should be planned and discussed before the actual moving day. Today, we’re going to talk about those 7 important things you should do before setting up in your new house or apartment.

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7 To Do’s After Moving Into Your New Home

  1. New locks. When you get the keys to your new house or apartment, change the locks primarily. This goes before unpacking, buying new furniture pieces, or updating the patio. You desire to change the locks right away after moving to a new place.
  2. Then you should program your garage door opener differently. This can be done by a special button. Or you can negotiate with a company, which has set up the doors.
  3. Smoke alarms. We recommend placing new buttons to your smoke alarms to make sure everything works the best. Safety comes first.
  4. Hot water. Check out the hot water supply before deciding to take a shower. Run water in all the faucets to check the leaks.
  5. Toilet seats. Some people forget about this small detail. A toilet seat is a hygiene issue, which is usually forgotten during a moving process. So, it is better to prepare everything like this in advance.
  6. First aid kit. We recommend buying a prepackaged first aid kit for the first week at your new place. This is the time you will unpack the boxes and put everything in their places. That’s why it may be very difficult to find some needed medicine in the chaos of clothes, furniture items, cosmetics, boxes with kitchen appliances, etc. Make sure you have something like cold medications, tweezers, thermometer, and scissors.
  7. Sealable plastic bags and cling wraps. These items will be very useful on the first days at a new place. When the tableware is not unpacked yet, you need something to store the leftovers in the fridge.

Of course, these are not the only things you should do and check before setting up in a new place. But these 7 steps are the most crucial ones.

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