7 Ways To Ease Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

The cold months of winter are upon us. Cold weather usually triggers arthritis and joint pains to get worse. Due to many recent revelations in veterinary medicine, many dogs nowadays are able to live comfortably even at ripe old ages. If you are at a loss at how to ease your dogs’ pain and relieve the symptoms of arthritis, here are 7 ways that might help.

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1. Time For Shedding Fats

Over half of America’s canine population is above the normal weight range. Chances are, your dog might be suffering from joint pains due to the excess fats it carries around. Obese dogs are at a much higher risk of developing serious diseases and chronic conditions. Extra weight affects the knees and leg muscles directly; it puts pressure on the joints. Consequently, this might accelerate the rate of wear and tear which might easily worsen your dog’s arthritis.

You can seek the help of veterinarians to help you in modifying your dog’s diet. A medical background and experience help veterinarians to limit your dog’s caloric intake without affecting the number of healthy nutrients it gets.

2. Find a Suitable Knee Brace

One of the easiest and most effective ways of alleviating pressure on kneecaps is finding a well-fitted knee brace for your dog. Unlike what some people might think, dog knee braces are used beyond the purpose of rehabilitation. Finding the right knee brace for your dog will not only help him by lowering discomfort levels, but it also aids in a speedy recovery while stabilizing the knees to protect them from deteriorating.

There are different types of knee braces with different pros and cons, so you need to make sure that you research the best suitable model for your dog needs.

3. Make Your Dog Exercise

Try to combine a well-balanced diet while simultaneously increasing your furry friend’s physical activity to get better and faster results. Since muscle and joint pains might hinder your dog from getting enough active time, you can instead resort to low-intensity workouts. Other than losing weight, regular exercise even short walks will help your dog muscles and knees to get better.

4. Pamper Your Dog With Massages

This might sound luxurious; some people might even say that it will spoil your dog. However, massage therapy is extremely effective in managing your fur baby’s arthritis and soothing their pain. Circular movements and using the power of compression at all the right spots will help in loosening stiff joints and restoring and improving blood flow which consequently increases their range of motion and promotes relaxation.

Pay attention to your canine buddy’s body language, whether they are comfortable or tense. If you are not sure how to exactly tackle this task, you can either seek the help of a professional or start with gentle and slow movements until you find what works for soothing the pain.

5. Physical Therapy is Sometimes a Must

Physical therapy performed by professionals is a good way to help ease your dog’s pain. In physical therapy, a variety of activities and methods were developed to target pain areas and improve joint health. These activities might also help in strengthening your dogs’ leg muscles which work great in offering more support to the knees and releasing any tension on them.

6. Supplementation

The worst thing you can do to your fur baby’s health is overlooking or ignoring the various health benefits that can be offered with different supplements. In the market, there are different available supplements for promoting cartilage and joint health. Most used ingredients are usually glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, green-lipped mussel, and other effective While choosing the right supplement, you need to ensure that they are high-end products that are backed by science to find the best for your fur baby.

7. Make Changes

Making your home more comfortable for your pet is an important step in their treatment journey. For example, if your pet has to take the stairs in order to get to their food, water, or to go outside, then this needs to change because stairs can take a toll on their health. You can place ramps to prevent your fur pal from having to jump or climbing.

As your dog ages, some health complications might start revealing themselves. The first thing to do when you notice that the easy run has turned into barely a walk is to get a clear diagnosis of what your dog is suffering from or even lying down causes your dog to release a deep groan. Start by paying attention to any symptoms and taking all the necessary precautions to help them live comfortably and happily.

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