Inhalable Caffeine Makes Your Daily Coffee Redundant

If you are a coffee addict (or rather a caffeine addict), then you are going to love this article. All that coffee you are pouring down your system is now redundant. Yes, that is right, redundant! There is a new way to consume the caffeine you’re after. It’s not only faster but it’s also way simpler to consume. I am talking about a capsule called AeroShot that is a form of inhalable caffeine. It’s a twist with a whole lot of benefits.

If you’re faced with long hours at work, running to the brewer to fill up your cup with coffee is an annoyance anyone would like to avoid. That’s when the inhalable caffeine is a life saver. The capsule packs come in four different flavors, and they are lime, green apple, raspberry and a mix of the three.

Each capsule contains 100 mg of caffeine and B vitamins. The caffeine works super fast as it is inhaled and leaves a fresh taste in your mouth. The way to inhale it is also a no biggie. You just pop off the cap on the capsule and place it between your lips. Then just gently inhale and the caffeine will start to do its thing. It doesn’t have to be any harder than that.

No more bathroom quick stops and no more marathons to the kitchen to get more coffee. [pullquote]This inhalable caffeine is a solution that will totally make coffee redundant.[/pullquote] The only thing that surprises me is that they haven’t made a coffee-flavored capsule. That’s a missed opportunity if anything, don’t you think?

You can get your favorite flavor or a mix of them all in lots of 12 over at Amazon for just $24.95. With an almost solid 4-star customer rating, I would say this is a formidable alternative to the ordinary coffee cup. Why not take out the bathroom stops and the refilling sessions with these instead. I just don’t understand it. Well, perhaps people like their coffee. Cuts out a few minutes of their work time. Yeah, that must be it.

So, is this an alternative for you? Or do you know of any other caffeine-infused products that we should take a look at? Let us know in the comment section below. – Also, find out what’s really in your coffee.

AeroShots – Flavored Inhalable Caffeine Capsules

Inhalable Caffeine Coffee Capsules

Inhalable Caffeine Coffee Capsules

Inhalable Caffeine Coffee Capsules

Inhalable Caffeine Coffee Capsules