A Herd Of Baby Elephants Invades London!

These beautiful hand-painted baby elephants are on public display in London until July in an event called “Elephant Parade London 2010.” They will be auctioned off to raise money for the Elephant Family organization, which protects Asian elephants and their habitats.

Asian elephants are now one of the most endangered species of all. In the past 100 years, their population has plummeted from 250,000 down to 25,000. If nothing is done to change this, they are expected to be extinct by 2050.

Elephant Family hopes to raise 2 million pounds by auctioning off these gorgeous, glossy, decorative elephants. Artists Julien Macdonald, Marc Quinn and Paul Smith meticulously painted them. Even Tommy Hilfiger added his handy work to the mix. They are displayed in prominent places around London including Buckingham Palace, Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square.

[Image Source: Zimbio]