A Tea Bag Design That Will Make You Smile

Have you noticed that a lot of designers are getting creative with tea bags lately? It’s such a neat little trend. We’ve featured several tea bag articles here on Bit Rebels but this design might just be the cutest one yet.

This is called the Hanger Tea, and it’s designed by Soon Mo Kang. Each little tea bag looks like a t-shirt on a hanger. While the tea steeps, it hangs on the inside of the teacup. These tea bags even come packaged in a mini-closet. How adorable is that? Each flavor of tea is on a different color hanger.

What a creative way to have a little fun with a simple tea bag. Unfortunately, this is just a concept design at the moment. However, if it ever becomes an actual product, I will have this little tea bag closet displayed on my kitchen counter. I can’t help but think that @Minervity would like this design too. After all, it combines his two loves, tea and t-shirts.

[Image Source: Yanko Design]