An Aluminum Can Romance With A Happy Ending!

I wrote an article about a zombie wedding a few days ago. It was interesting and fun, but I have to admit, I think this story beats that one hands down.

This is an update to the original story we all read about in January, and it has a happy ending, yay! In case you missed the original story, here it is in a nutshell.

In an effort to help improve the environment and also save money for their wedding, Pete Geyer and Andrea Parrish decided to collect aluminum cans for recycling, and save that money for their big day.

They were already experienced can collectors, and on the day they announced their plans in January, they already had 18,000 cans sitting in their living room. Their goal was to collect 400,000 cans which would give them the $3,800 needed for their wedding expenses.

The update is that with the help of family and friends, these two lovebirds now known as “the wedding can couple” have crushed their goal and will be getting married on Saturday, July 31st! By doing this, they are saving about 50 tons of carbon emissions. Wow! Who knew aluminum cans could be so romantic!

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