Architecture Slide: Another Reason To Stay Young Forever

Around a couple years ago, we started seeing posts and articles on pretty much every blog and website about multinational companies and their offices springing up like wildflowers.  We got grand tours in either images or video on Google, Digg, Facebook and even Twitter.  It’s insanely inspirational to watch these bright minds have such a creative and playful work environment where it is encouraged to play.  I have always believed that our best ideas come when we’re in a state of play.  This pretty much means when we try to solve a problem in a playful way, that’s when that great idea will hit us.  Contrary to common belief, I don’t believe in the statement that your best ideas will hit you before the age of 30.  If that was true, then why don’t we have hundreds of billionaires in their 20s?

At Technische Universität München in Germany, they have taken the playfulness one step further.  Instead of old and boring stairs and elevators, they have incorporated a couple of slides that not only speeds up your transportation to the ground floor, but they also encourage exercise.

So what I would tell all the static and old fashioned companies out there that stick to their ultimately boring ways of getting their employees to be creative in their work environment is to take a deep breath, look at these pictures and this video, and then start making changes around your facilities.  Without change, you are very unlikely to break into new territories and markets.  #JustSaying

Two Long Inhouse Slides Environment

View Inside The Inhouse Slide