How To Get The Most Out Of Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

The Arizer Solo 2 is a wonderful vape that would be a great addition to any vape collection.if you haven’t picked one up yet, then be prepared to want one after we’re done telling you all the great things the Solo 2 has to offer. With amazing supreme vapor quality and super quick heat-up time, there’s very little waiting around time to get you sesh started. Battery life is also not a worry with the Solo 2 offering you a long life, and a full digital display so you have complete control over your session. The full glass vapor path and convection heating system offers only the most flavoursome vapor that guaranteed to be super satisfying.

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A Thing Of Beauty

The Arizer Solo 2 is a wonderfully designed vape both inside and out. With the original Solo sporting coloured lights to indicate temperature setting, the Solo 2 has a bright, clear digital display. The temperature controls can be found at the side of the device and allow for degree by degree temperature adjustment, which is a level of control unseen with ARizer product before this beaut. A super handy beep function lets you know when the vaporizer has been turned on or off and the included belt clip means you’ll always have your Arizer Solo 2 close at hand when you need it.

Although Arizer have focused on the production of high quality, rather than creating ultimate portability, the Solo 2 is still a very portable device. The only threat being the glass stem that it so vital to guaranteeing the purity and taste of the vapor produced. Although this is borosilicate glass, some of the strongest in existence, it is still glass and will break if abused!

Some Like It Hot

With complete control over you vaping temperature, the Arizer Solo 2 offers you the complete range of temperature between 50°C and 220°C with optional adjustment in 1°C or 10°C increments. With previous Arizer Vapes offering a maximum temperature of 210°C, fans of the big vapor clouds will appreciate this 10°C extension on the temperature range. Of course, it depends what temperature you’re aiming for, but another notable improvement you’re bound to love about the Arizer Solo 2 is it super fast heat up time. As expected, higher temperatures will take longer but there’s a stark difference in how long it takes and we think you’ll love it.

Take The Borosilicate Glass Path

Well known for their excellent manufacturing quality, Arizer customers have a high expectation that the vaporizers produced will be efficient and reliable, and the Arizer Solo 2 does not disappoint. The hybrid of convection and conduction heating produces a quality of vapor that is as yet unmatched by any of their previous releases The ceramic heating element is the same as the original heating format and has been kept because it is the perfect set-up to create the unbeatable purity that we’re used to with Arizer products. The aroma tube design has also been kept the same as in previous vaporizers as it will ensure the heat does not come into direct contact with the herbs and prevent contamination of the herbs, and therefore vapor and also means that the herbs are vaporized evenly.

The Giver Of Life

The Arizer Solo 2 offer you twice the battery life of the previous Arizer products. Lasting an impressive 3 hours, it is one of the longest lasting portable vapes on the market right now. Getting the most out of your battery is easy with the automatic shut off feature, which you can set to activate anytime between 5-15 minutes. If you’re not finished your session when this happens then a simple click of the power button will bring you Solo 2 back to life and at your vaping service. The Arizer Solo 2 also fully supports pass-through charging, meaning you can charge it while you continue to vape. Just remember, if it’s completely dead it, will need a 5 minute head start to get the battery juices flowing.

Getting The Best Out Of Your Arizer Solo 2

Easy Does It

If your focus is on taste and vapor quality, then we recommend that you pack your herbs lightly in your Arizer Solo 2.the airflow has been opened up compared to the original Solo so packing the chamber lightly will make all the different to your session. Packing less will means your draws are much less restricted and free-flowing. If you find your hits are still a little tight, lifting the stem up just a touch so it not touching the bottom of the bowl should free up some space to let some air in there!

No Need To Stir

There shouldn’t be any need to stir the bowl when trying to get the best out of your herbs in the Arizer Solo 2 during a session. If you find that stirring is still a must, the chambers may be packed too tightly and we recommend you add a little less next time, and continue to reduce your chamber load until you don’t need to stir it anymore. We’ve found that for best results the stem should be packed fairly lightly.

Clean Vape, Clean Mind

The best advice we could ever give you when it comes to any vape is to keep it clean! Now, we don’t want to sound like everyone nagging mother, but it’s true. Keeping you Arizer Solo 2 clean will mean you will both have a happier life. Your Solo 2 won’t have to compete with any nasty gunk to give you best-tasting vapor, and you won’t have to deal with contaminated vapor, nor the build-up of the nasty gunk if you clean it regularly!

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