Beer vs. Coffee: See Which One Sparks More Creativity [Infographic]

Have you ever had a drink of coffee or beer and noticed that it affected your creativity? It’s an odd question, and one that I haven’t thought about very much. Apparently there is a link between those two drinks and our creativity, but the question is, which one inspires more creativity? Obviously drinking too much of either one will not help to get our creative juices flowing, but assuming we don’t overdo it, which one is better when it comes to coming up with creative ideas?

I’m sure the fact that we typically drink coffee in the morning and beer at night has something to do with it. If your body is normally creative in the morning, you will probably be more creative then regardless of what you drink – and vice versa. But then again, I’m not basing that on any science. I just know from personal experience that my body is creative at certain times of day no matter what I put in it.

The team over at I Love Coffee decided to create this infographic called Your Brain On Beer vs. Coffee. It’s inspired by an article written by Mikael Cho (co-founder of Ooomf) called Coffee vs. Beer: Which Drink Makes You More Creative?. You can click over to his article to read the specifics, but this infographic sums it up nicely.

The bottom line is, beer helps you come up with the creative ideas, and coffee helps you execute them. It makes sense when you think about it. They both inspire creativity, but in different ways. According to this logic, it would make more sense to drink beer in the morning and coffee at night (not that I’m brave enough to try that). I like both beer and coffee, so this is good information to know!

See Which One Sparks More Creativity

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Via: [That’s Nerdalicious]