Before You Take Cannabis Edibles, Read This

The world of cannabis edibles can be joyous for recreational users and healing for people who require medicine. However, taking edibles is different from smoking or vaping cannabis, and newbies should know a few things.

Thankfully, industry leaders like HappyTree Dispensary make it easy to find safe and potent cannabis edibles, so everyone has easy access to this wonderful plant. But before you try cannabis edibles for the first time, please read some of the following tips and advice.

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Start With One Low Dose

If you take an edible and don’t feel anything right away, avoid the urge to take more, or you could start feeling the first dose before the second one kicks in, and you’ll be on too much. It’s best to be very deliberate with the amount you take and don’t increase the dosage.

If you’re new to cannabis edibles, begin with a few milligrams of cannabis per dose, perhaps 1-2.5mgs. If you take it and decide you’d like to feel a stronger effect, you can increase the dosage next time. No two people respond to cannabis in the same way exactly, and we all have our own tolerance.

It’s best to begin with an amount you know you can handle and increase it from there. If you consume too much, you may feel uncomfortable, but this will pass in time. Just be patient and wait it out somewhere where you usually feel relaxed, safe, and at home.

Options Galore

People used to associate “cannabis edibles” with a narrow set of food, like brownies or cookies. Today, the recreational cannabis market is filled with a range of foods, from candies, chocolate, tea, and there are even vegan options!

No matter your diet, favorite flavor profiles, or the level of potency you’re looking for, there’s a cannabis edible suitable. Feel free to explore the market and see what’s right for you.

Sativa, Indica, And CBD

Not all cannabis edibles are the same, and it’s crucial to understand the difference between various categories. As a general rule of thumb, Indicas are known to produce full-body highs and are therefore colloquially known as “in-da-couch” because of the powerful effect.

Sativas are known to produce euphoric, relaxing, and invigorating “head highs.” Many strains are a blend of the two to the point where there’s disagreement about how much these categories even matter.

On the other hand, CBD is known for making people feel relaxed and lucid without producing the intoxicant effect associated generally with cannabis. Whatever kind of buzz you need, there’s an edible that can give you the right lift.

Store Edibles Safely

It can be hard to differentiate a regular candy from a cannabis candy. For this reason, there’s a danger that children may find cannabis edibles and consume them, not knowing what they are.

Store cannabis edibles safely in a place inaccessible to children.

Cannabis edibles make it easy for people to get the medicine or recreational buzz they need in a way that’s discreet and simple. Just keep the above tips in mind to get the most out of the experience you can.

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