Edible Paper Fast Food Cheeseburger Wrapper Reduces Trash

If you went through the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant today, and if they served you a cheeseburger in an edible paper wrapper, would you eat it? If you looked around and saw other people smearing ketchup and mustard on the wrapper and eating it, would you? I probably would. In a weird way, it doesn’t seem that strange. I guess since we know that in the future when our food supply can’t support our population, we’ll probably resort to eating insects, eating an edible paper wrapper doesn’t seem all that bad.

This isn’t a concept design. This is a real edible paper hamburger wrapper served at a burger joint in Brazil called Bob’s. It’s actually brilliant on two levels. First of all, an edible paper wrapper obviously cuts down on garbage, which is a huge deal. But secondly, from an advertising point of view, it’s quite creative. Their burgers are so good that people can’t even wait to unwrap them to start eating. See? It works.

From what I’ve read, Bob’s fast food restaurant just did this for a short time as a case study, but since everyone seemed to love the taste of the edible paper wrappers (and nobody threw them away before tasting them), perhaps they’ll consider doing this on a more long-term basis. The wrappers supposedly taste just like the burger, which intrigues me. I wish I could taste one to try it out.

According to Huffington Post, there is an ice cream shop in LA that serves their ice cream sandwiches in edible wrappers. I wonder if that wrapper tastes like chocolate or vanilla. It would be wonderful if all fast food restaurants could incorporate edible paper wrappers into their food service. It would definitely help to cut down on the hundreds of millions of tons of packaging waste around the world each year (of which less than half is recycled).

The Delicious Burger-Flavored Edible Paper Burger Wrapper




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