Is Being Single The New Dating?

The world has changed in the last thirty or forty years and there are more single people than ever before.  Being single for some is very much the new dating and it doesn’t mean you are a boring, ugly or just sad person. In fact, many single people will say they are happier than their hitched and coupled-up friends. Can this really be true?

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Sex And The Single Man

Let’s cut to the chase. The first thing many people think about when it comes to dating and couples is sex. Life is not all about sex. Single people can get it, many get it more than those in a relationship and that is a fact. However, there are ways, especially for a man, to relieve the sexual tension and the real sex dolls reviews demonstrate a real way that single and even many hitched men can address this matter.


The biggest attraction for many single people is freedom. There are essentially two types of single people, those who have come out of a relationship and those who have opted to just not have a relationship or really settle down.

Both categories of people treasure their freedom, some say those coming out of long relationships value it more. But overall the freedom of not being accountable to or not being tied to another person is a massive drawcard to being single.

This does not say that a single person does not have some close relationships. In fact, single people often find they have a multitude of solid, close relationships through this their freedom is extended. Being single doesn’t make a person carefree but gives them life.

Love Of A Different Kind

Love is a powerful word and for some people, it is a double-edged sword. Being single still means you can love someone; you may even be in love with them, but love doesn’t mean you need to be with them 24/7.

Again, freedom becomes a priority and while there many open yet semi-exclusive relationships out there singleness still reigns. Love becomes something that can be shared more widely when single and the love shared can be a great deal more genuine.

Equal Sexes

One of the biggest things that have seen singleness rise is the changing roles of the sexes. In the past, it was deemed that a man needed a woman for certain things and vice versa. Today, woman and men can do each other’s jobs equally well, sure then are some things one sex does better than the other, but most tasks are unisex today.

Cooking and cleaning are two and changing tires and DIY are others, both groups were once seen as male or female. Today, as the roles merge into one there is less need for “another” in a relationship thus singleness is possible. Modern life has evolved and being single is now perhaps a good thing as life can be fully enjoyed, However, the choice is entirely up to you.

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