MuscleAndStrength – What Are The Benefits Of Protein Supplementation When Lifting Weights?

Protein supplementation has become increasingly common among athletes and people who lift weights. This is because real personal evidence, as well as documented research, has shown that “protein supplementation may enhance muscle mass and performance”. Before I elaborate on the benefits of taking protein supplements when lifting weight, let me first tell you how you can get protein supplements at a discount.

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Benefits Of Protein Supplementation When Lifting Weights

Weightlifters face a unique challenge. On one hand, they need to build speed, power, and strength. On the other hand, they need to ensure that their muscles recover, grow and resist injury.

1. It Increases The Size Of Your Muscles

Studies have shown that when you consume whey protein right after your workout, the protein synthesis in your muscles increases. That means, the size of your muscles increases. For example, if you perform squats, then a protein supplement will help you get a firm, tight and round butt.  Without proper protein consumption, muscle size gains can be hard or even impossible to realize or sustain; even with a rigorous workout routine. Quite simply, protein is essential in the body to support an anabolic environment.

2. For Accelerated Muscle Repair

Protein supplementation has been proven critical in the process of protein synthesis, especially when rich in BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids). A blend of these amino acids can repair and help build muscle. The overall impact is improved muscular performance, recovery, and growth. Whey protein is essentially the best source of BCAAs; which makes it critical for all serious weightlifters.

3. Mental Agility, Better Immunity, And More

Protein supplementation also helps the brain to remain healthier and the body to have a stronger immunity. This is especially so for protein supplements that contain the glutamine amino acid. Glutamine is also known to improve protein metabolism, which translates into enhanced protein supplementation benefits among weightlifters.

4. Inadequate Protein Consumption A Threat Among Weightlifters

[pullquote]Generally speaking, protein is important for overall health; which weightlifters need to be successful.[/pullquote] So, lack of enough protein does not just compromise your goals as a weightlifter, it also puts your health in jeopardy. For instance, the nutritional compound is needed in bone development. It also plays a role in the formation of tens of thousands of enzymes required throughout the body.

However, over time, it is quite easy for weightlifters to forget the protein supplementation fundamentals that helped them achieve their fitness goals. Usually, this makes them overlook the benefits of protein supplementation, and this reverses some of the weight lifting benefits they might have achieved over the course of their fitness journey.

In fact, the adverse effects of inadequate protein consumption are more pronounced among weightlifters in comparison to regular people. That has something to do with the fact that weightlifters focus on demanding workouts. And this creates a greater need for protein in a body that is already starved of this nutritional compound.

5. Protein Is Easier To Consume In Supplement Form

Making the effort to take a gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight can be tedious. For this reason, protein supplementation is often times the way to go, particularly among weightlifters. Failing to meet the dietary requirement a few times can prove detrimental to your weight lifting efforts. So, the effort of making sure you consume enough proteins can be reduced by taking them in supplement form. The higher concentration of protein in supplements means that weightlifters do not have to consume lots of food to meet their need for this dietary component.

6. Supplements Are Digested Much Faster

When training as a weightlifter, it helps to consume proteins that can be digested much faster in preparation for a workout session. This is easier to achieve when using protein supplements. In fact, some protein supplements have been proven to have better biological value (BV) than natural sources of protein.

7. Supplements Help Meet Tthe Increased Protein Demands

Generally speaking, your success or failure as a weightlifter revolves around your protein consumption behavior. When you set out on a weightlifting journey, protein will be needed before your workouts, after the workouts, between meals, when you get up in the morning, and when you go to bed at night. That is a lot of protein consumption. And meeting the requirement can seem like quite a chore after a while. Consequently, using supplements can make things a lot easier on you given their greater protein concentration.

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