The Benefits Of Using E-Cigarettes Over Real Cigarettes

As we all are aware, traditional cigarettes have numerous harmful effects on your body and overall health that e-cigarettes don’t have. In fact, conditions caused by tobacco use lead to nearly 1 of 5 deaths in the United States alone. On top of that, cigarette smoking has been linked to almost every type of known cancer and it is proven that the smoke is equally harmful to smokers and non-smokers when inhaled.

As the awareness of the health risks linked to it increases, it is safe to assume that most people these days smoke out of pure addiction, rather than the choice and pleasure alone.

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What Are E-cigarettes?

An e-cigarette is an electronic device that recreates the feeling of tobacco smoking and provides a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. It uses special liquids that have many different aromas and can be with or without the nicotine. The liquid is heated inside of the e-cigarette, creating vapor which the user inhales.

You are able to choose from many different style, size and color options. Some e-cigarettes are designed to look exactly like the traditional cigarette, while others look like cell phones, ballpoint pens, and pipes.

The Benefits

Save Money

E-cigarettes can save you a substantial sum of money. To prove this claim, let us compare the prices of traditional and electronic cigarettes.

One e-cigarette cartridge costs significantly less than the minimal cost of one pack of cigarettes and they both last about the same time, as well. If you compare their prices side by side, you will be able to easily calculate that you will save more per pack, simply by switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

Another convenient feature is that the liquid inside of your e-cigarette will be turned into vapor only when you use your e-cigarette – as opposed to traditional cigarettes, which burn endlessly in the ashtray when you get occupied by some work and forget about them.

Smoke-Free Environment

E-cigarettes create vapor, which is free of most chemicals found in tobacco smoke. It has no smell and it doesn’t linger in the room. Your breath, hair, fingers, and clothes won’t smell like an ashtray and non-smokers around you won’t be subjected to harmful second-hand smoking.

Because e-cigarettes produce no smoke, you are able to use them in your car or inside the house without being concerned about your family’s health. Although some places forbid them too, you are usually able to use e-cigarettes in places where tobacco smoking is prohibited.

No Flame

You will not need lighters, matches, and ashtrays anymore and you will make no mess using your e-cigarette. Because there is no fire involved, you will not make burn holes in your carpets, clothes, and furniture, as well.

Furthermore, e-cigarettes are eco-friendly, as it works on rechargeable batteries. It prevents pollution and reduces the risk of forest fire outbursts since there is no need to subject it to an open flame. After you finish using it, you are able to simply put it back in your pocket instead of throwing out the cigarette butt.

You Will Smoke Less

When you light the traditional cigarette, you have to smoke the whole thing or leave it to burn out. With e-cigarettes, you are able to take just a few “puffs” and put it away for some other time.

E-cigarettes help soften the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and help you quit the smoking habit easier. Most smokers prefer starting with e-liquids of the highest nicotine concentration and reduce it gradually to help the body readjust – until it doesn’t require nicotine to function anymore.


E-cigarettes are free of flame and smoke and are cleverly designed to give you needed discretion while enjoying different flavors and aromas without harming anyone. Their vapor is free of over 4,000 harmful ingredients commonly found in tobacco.

By switching to e-cigarettes, you will save money and feel and look healthier. You will probably smoke less, as well and will eventually be able to quit smoking, just by gradually reducing your nicotine intake.

As mentioned, there are so many different styles and designs of e-cigarettes in the market. Thus, their prices vary, as well. If you’re interested in getting one but are on a tight budget, don’t hesitate to visit e zigarette preisvergleich and do your research first so you will find one that fits you best.

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