The Best Flooring For An Office

Something you may not initially find important when picking out an office is the flooring. But there are pros and cons that can have an impact on your day-to-day operations, whether it’s through paying more in cleaning fees, having to replace and maintain the floor more frequently, the style, and so on.

This article will go over some of the factors in making shaping your decision.

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Which Floors Last The Longest In An Office?

Because an office environment has certain furniture, such as wheeled desk chairs that are often moved around, there are some floors that may not sustain this as well as others. For example, laminate is easy to clean but it can fade and scuff fairly easily. Large amounts of weight from hard furniture can easily scratch the floor.

On the other hand, hardwood flooring is fully wear-proof because of the UV-cured lacquer layers. This flooring is called hardwood for a reason, it’s tough and durable. Carpets on the other hand are easily torn and stained which can lead to frequent replacements.

Which Floors Stay Cleaner For Longer?

It’s fair to say that carpet is the most difficult floor to clean. Dust, food, and dirt can gather extremely quickly in the fabric and will require regular cleaning. Industrial carpets for environments like schools can be somewhat durable, though they’re never easier to clean. This type of look will also negate the culture feel, given they’re not comfortable, as will be explained in the section below.

Vinyl click flooring is not only easy to install but it’s incredibly easy to keep clean. They are water, scratch, and stain-resistant, meaning that a simple wipe or vacuum is enough to make them sparkle again. Whilst they appear to be wood, they’re warmer and softer too.

Finally, whilst tiles aren’t common in an office, they would technically be easy to clean. Perhaps this is something for the office bathroom as opposed to the main seating area, given that they can be quite cold.

Which Floor Suits The Culture And Image Of Your Business?

Startups that are trying to be trendy and current in order to attract young talent and nurture a creative culture may opt for a much different flooring than a traditional business. So, whilst carpets get dirty quickly, this could be worth it for the atmosphere they emanate. Cost, warmth, and informality can set your office apart from competitors and really show employees that you’re putting their comfort ahead of what’s economical.

On the other hand, some companies like to appear very traditional and formal. These will usually opt for broadloom carpet, which is thinner with much less fabric to get dirty. These offer good acoustic profiles compared to harder floors, which is important in a quiet office environment. In fact, if you’re fostering an open plan office with a lot of employees, it may be a good option to keep noise at a manageable level.

Finally, certain industries will prefer different floors. Private dentists for example often use tiles as they’re easy to sterilize and keep clean.

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